Fleet hangar

Since we are having these nice changes in the future to orca, porpoise and rorqual. I thought i would suggest another possibly very amazing little feature: If a pilot gets close to another pilots ship that has fleet hangar open to fleet/corp members, it would automatically open if within range? Would that be doable?


I don’t think this is needed and I also don’t think it should become even easier for a spy in a hauler to loot the unlocked fleet hangars of a capital fleet.

Yes, I’ve seen that happen. I’m sure they would be happy if all unlocked fleet hangars opened automatically for them, but for everyone else who doesn’t need the popups it may be a distraction.

Well i see your points, but having a spy etc stealing your own stuff, that doesn’t make any difference whether it automatically opens or not for them, they can still steal it. But for industrial pilots especially multiboxers having to open the hangar on every alt constantly is an absolute nuisance, same applies to corp members who have to warp off/warp back in when neuts fly by/attack. Furthermore, the owner of the hangar can turn access on/off, so it is their responsibility if something gets stolen. This would also be great if an ACL list would apply to fleet hangars :smiley:

No not a fan of this. I mean I don’t have a problem with it as long as it can be turned off because i certainly wouldn’t want it to behave this way.

Firstly I quite often use warp to fleet member to move back to a mining fleet when I’m being lazy and not remembering which belt i was in. I don’t want a pop up every time i land. And yes even if I’m using a fleet members hanger i still may need to warp away as i may need to take care of stuff in station to help other corp members with something.

And perhaps more importantly if I’m in the orca I don’t want to have to explain it to every new player asking “Why has someone else hanger popped up on my screen?”. And for some of those players not to even ask……. Just think “what’s this” and start moving things and ending up accidentally looting it because they assumed it was theirs.

While i can see how this may be a quality of life improvement for some players i think implementing it would be a quality of life nerf for just as many others. So on balance…….status quo please.

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