Fleet Hangars

wanting to raise a minor issue and possible solution, recently encountered a ship that was using T2 hawlers with fleet hangars for cap charges, these ships once ejected allowed the pilot to refuel the cap charges and strontium, even though the ship was unpiloted we were not able to kill this ship before the contents were moved.

was thinking that a solution to this happening would be to make it so unless a ship is piloted the fleet hangar is not available.

not sure if i’m making a mountain out of a molehill or if other people would see the benefits.

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I guess this is one occassion when the new ECM change might be useful.

i don’t see how ECM has any relevance to the local tanking ability of a hostile ship

Ok, well then I guess you dont know how the tactic he’s using works?

delete this now. How else am I going to super tank my phoenix for hours?!?!

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I’ve never had reason to try this myself (yet), but I thought it was just: eject hauler, open hauler fleet hanger, move things into your own cargo/hangar?

His complain was he couldnt prevent it.

But ECM wouldn’t really prevent that tactic; you don’t need to target things to access their fleet hanger.

You need to target the empty ship to prevent it being stolen

Am I the only one that doesn’t see a problem with this?

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