New Skill call Boosts Linking Between Ships for Mining

Hello again!

It’s that time again to showcase more ideas to bring to the game. Looking at the idea of how the current system already works for e-war and remote assistant modules. So we would like to take this idea and add it to the mining command ships. Taking two orcas ships and allowing them to link with one another to create a bond on would allow to push even more boots to the fleet which could be added 25% more to the fleet for mining benefits.

Next, we will look at remote mining assistant modules. This would work by using modules on commandships which would like on any ship that is mining then push remote benefits to the ship. This module could be scriptable. This could also be stackable with current fleet boosts. Again this would add more benefits to a single but at what cost to the orca to lose more slots? Lose tank for more reward?

I’m only here to post new ideas or game-changing ideas.
(I won’t reply back to the post!)

It’s time we work hard to keep adding new content to the game!
See yea in space!