Mining Spreadsheet - If anyone need

Target Audience: High Sec and helping new player

After coming back from a 1 year + hiatus, I searched for a spreadsheet tool for mining fleet, but wanted to do one anyway. Maybe there is already a tool or some in-game solution and I missed it. But here we go in case there is none:
Mining Ops - Spreadsheet

Pretty basic, you just put your fleet stats and log your ore every 30 min. Check any pilot who join and leave so the share pay-out automatically adjust. Fleet member have a little dashboard to quickly know how much they have in their pocket. :slight_smile:

I am missing ore, as you can imagine, just did the basic in highsec so I can test it out. I’ll add all ore later on. Unless someone come up with a fully automated tools connected with Eve Online account… Still, it’s fun to be back.

// Anashel

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