Corp or alliance member pay options

Who knows EVE may have this option somewhere. I need a way to pay my people. I do mining ops and have to pay 50 people individually ’ it should be easy to create a payroll function. My alliance is growing and having to pay 100 pilots is going to be a pain. Help EVE

If they get a fixed rate you might be able to use Pay Dividends?


You are right of course.

OP, I will do your payroll :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Get each miner to send a copy of their mining ledger to you, and check totals with what you have.

If you’re got a good honest team you’ll do well and so will they, just have to have a agreement on buyback %.

I thought about that but I never give out shares

I dont do it that way - most miners are noobs I pay a base rate of 10mil to all

I’m sure you would at least one time right

Aha ! You back ! Where you been? :sunglasses:

A good tool is this website can do wonders

Waiting in that wormhole, cloaked up, hoping you’d think I left and undock another Tayra. :wink:

Aaah y won’t get me so easily this time I learned lot of lessons the hard way.:+1:

We normally operate at a % of jita buy.

10mil is nothing for our miners, average is closer to 56mil.

But if your miners are happy with 10mil, good going, more isk for you.

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