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A friend and I are thinking about starting a corp, we have a structure planned out, but there’s one thing kinda messing with me. The idea at first is to have a basic ore buyback with a 10% tax. This is through contract using a corp wallet. Miners will get paid 90% Jita buy or something like that. The thing I’m having an issue figuring out is how we should pay the people doing the production of ships/mods with said ores. Seeing that the corp’s income from a single contract is 10%, would we just take off a small percentage from there to pay the people doing indy? Or not pay them at all, considering indy’s really just a few clicks and it’s passive from there?

What you want to offer will depend on what kind of corporation you are running and in what way the corporation benefits from those clicks to start up industry jobs.

Opinions on this subject may, and probably do, vary, but I would say that if the corporation sees a benefit from running the industry jobs, then there should be some kind of pay for those who run the job to encourage members to run the industry necessary to sustain what the corporation does.

I do not have experience running a very business-like corporation, though. In mine, we tend to allocate by need and don’t keep a ledger. We have a buyback program for convenience, if anyone needs it, but we resell those items at less than Jita immediate buy price to members of the corporation who need those items, or to folks who want to make a Jita run to sell off our excess stuff. Depending on market stability, the corporation makes a small margin on these transactions, but the sale value is deliberately kept low enough that even a total newbie can make a bit of coin with immediate sell orders at Jita because the corporation is intended to cater to the needs of newer players with no skills or experience.

If you’re aiming for veterans who know there way around the market and industry, you can get away with more margin than I can, but expect your hired help to know the value of their time and industry slots enough to expect a reward for using them on your behalf. You might even ask prospective hires what they think is fair in this regard after you explain what services and support you offer and what your policies are.

If I were in your shoes and trying to be professional, I would pay a percentage of the mineral value or a (much higher, say 50 or so) percentage of the value added by manufacturing the minerals into a final product. I am lazy, so would probably go with the former for ease of calculation.

I hope you will keep in mind that part of a CEO’s job is to think about how corporate resources can be used to benefit its members. Whether it’s to fund a SRP, acquire a BPO library, run an Upwell facility for tax breaks/convenient location or something else. An aim to be profitable is a practical and admiral goal, but a successful corporation knows to reinvest in its most valuable asset, its people, and I would be pleased if you have given this some thought as well when defining your corporate structure.

Greetings . For example, our corp buys ore at standard jita buy, and as we have guys with awesome reprocessing skills , we reprocess into minerals and make it available to our industrialists. Working well so far, the ores and minerals barely stays in hangars. A nice way to sell/buy stuff is using to calculate how much it worths, and players make contracts to Corp selling stuff. Any advise y need on running your corp plz feel free to mail me.

Thank you both for the information! @safira_jomita, is there any markup on the minerals? Like, once reprocessed, do the indy guys buy the minerals to do their production? This sounds close to how I may want it to work, something like miners selling ores to Corp at 90 jita, reprocessing, and selling to the indy division at maybe either a bit below sell or buy, whatever is reasonable. Goal is simply to stay isk positive at this point. All Corp wallet contents will fund Corp goodies such as citadels, fuel, rigs for citadels, free mining barges and ventures for the mining division, free cheap pvp ships, etc.

Yes that’s the idea. At certain point, industrialists just buy what they need, so we have guys that just mine a ton of ore and don’t want to haul it to market, and also don’t have time or skills to sell. So if you just ask jita buy, both corp and members will save isk cause none will pay taxes. Same apply to folks buying minerals, y can sell at standart jita sell, and will be positive cause corp won’t be paying taxes( Wich became lot higher recently)

If you want to know well how we do operate or even make business, join our in-game chat naabal help center or our comms naabal discord

So I’m looking to get some advice. I have a Corp but I left it with an alt. I tried to get members but could not. So I’m looking to give it to some one or sale it if they can buy. But now I’m thinking is that a mistake.

Maybe i did something wrong in recruiting. Idk. I just don’t want to trash it at this point. What would you do? :confused:

Y mean y want to end the corp?

Well, when recruiting, tell them what you know you can successfully offer, or if you don’t have members, let them know that you don’t have any members and are looking for some initial officers that way when it comes time to make a vote for directors/officers, you have the people to do so. If your corp can’t offer something regularly, don’t advertise it, keep a relatively low tax rate, and try to get some moon pulls started!

One thing that’s not said enough is the importance of having a system in place to keep all of the corporate wallets separate from the founder’s wallets. Starting a corporation will, of course, take ISK, but beyond the initial investment, the corp should be ISK self-sufficient and be treated like another entity. One of the key failings of CEO’s in EVE is that they tie their own ego and wallet too closely to the corporation. Meaning, when the “corp” buys ore from members, it should not be the CEO/Directors buying ore out of their own wallet on behalf of the corporation. On a long enough timeline, that will inevitably lead to officer burn-out. If the corporation cannot afford to pay the CEO’s and Directors for their harvested resources like any other member, the corporation has a critical flaw in it’s finance structure. Be transparent if possible. If it is within your means, publish a monthly financial report showing income and expenditures. Allocate % budgets to your other divisions and each month, pay out from the master wallet to fund each of those divisions. If a division needs funds, they should do a fund-raiser or ask for donations. If players donate, they should donate ISK so it shows correcty on the ledger. It’s ok if a player wants to donate some high-value equipment (I have had players manufacture and donate some upwell structures), but avoid the habit of causally purchasing things for the corp from your own wallets and just dropping it in hangars.

Unless you have a lot of people doing high-end ratting, standard corp taxes will not cover this ISK requirement, so you’ll need another mechanism. How you do it is up to you. There are a lot of options.

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Yo, I have some thoughts and ideas on this subject. So in the past I did a buyback program for wormhole gas. That program was so successful we were able to purchase the gas at jita price, pay for two towers fuel and then give out bonuses to the corp. So there is a way to go about doing market stuff and be successful. But, there were a few things that it required.

First: You have to find a way to break the game. You have to find a resource or a thing that makes money every time. Now how much money it makes per cycle or per hour or whatever does come into play, but unless you have a working system, it won’t work.

Second: You have to have a vision and never give up. You of course have to figure out the math behind things, but if there is money to be made and you believe it’s worth your time, you have to push it as hard as you can every day. And even then you may never fully succeed, but you have to try hard. One day, you are going to make it. Once people realize what’s happening, they will follow you if they believe in you. But you have to broadcast that you exist.

Third: You have to have a plan for the future. You have to sit down and think, ok, 5 weeks from now, where will I be? What happens if it all crumbles, what happens if I hit a jackpot. Where does that money or resources go. Once you have a solid plan, think about the next 3 months.

If you or anyone, wants further help, anyone can always convo or mail me and I will respond. I’m honestly looking for newbros or people who want help to get somewhere in the game. I know a few tricks and tools to make goals happen.

Thanks guys, your advice really means something here, it all makes complete sense. Of course, the isk that gets paid out won’t be coming from other people’s wallets, but from the income generated by the corporation. the only issue I was having at the time of posting was the flow of the money and resources between mining and industry, when I saw the post about buying the ores at 100% jita buy, and selling the minerals at 100% jita sell to the indy division, giving the corp wallet a small profit, the miners the isk they deserve, and the industry players the means to start making isk through building mods/ships. However, if anyone has a better solution (ie something similar that doesn’t necessarily seem like you’re cheating someone out of isk) I’d love to hear from them

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