Corporation Management: Industrial and Mining Payouts


I’ve always been a mostly-pure PvP’er in Eve Online, and mostly continue such today. But after a long hiatus, I came back and wanted to explore the industrial side of things, with a focus on being able to provide content particularly for new players who are more likely to use the corporation advertisements to find a place to go.

My question is this: How do industrial/mining/trade corporations create incentive for members to contribute to the corporation projects, generally speaking? When they can go out solo mining and just sell the ore, or create their own projects for profit, what ‘bands together’ groups into corporate projects? Is it usually a common goal to begin with? Is it monthly payouts on corp dividends? What is the ‘general platform’ that you guys use, particularly when you’re trying to build a mixed-bag corporation of industrials, miners, pve, and pvp?

I’ve never really paid attention to it in the past. Is it generally just not that common for corp industrial to be unified, but kind of more of a ‘band’ of individuals with an easy market (corp mates)?

I would also like to know. I just came back also and am trying figure out how to do corporation payouts like member and dividends. if anyone can tell me how or if this has been disabled I would appreciate it.

Corps will generally offer a buyback program for ore, ice, PI and loot - Jita buy order pricing less 10%. Contract your stuff to the corp and include link in the description.

Getting a bunch of people involved in group production i.e. doctrine ships, is more difficult. The approach that works best among those I’ve seen is to give people a container with BPC’s and materials - they contract back the finished goods at a prearranged price.

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