Corporation Project Rewards - Expansion Question

Wondering if I’m missing something somewhere. In the notes and video about the Corporation projects it was mentioned that the delivery system would act like a buyback. While we currently utilize Alliance Auth and contracts for this, I’d love to move to in-game instead but I’m not seeing any way to automatically reward players for Delivery contracts ( or any project for that matter ).

Instead we’re running more of a ‘contest’ to see who contributes the most and give out rewards once the task is completed. Honestly I’d love to just reward everyone w/ isk or even the new LP for completing even a portion of it, but that’s another feature suggestion I think.

Yes, it is in fact a horrible attempt to bring lower-middle management “Target-Tracking” balls into your game.

There is no reward but the joy of knowing you mined the most iron ore for the state in the allotted time.

You are Employee of Month. Here is coupon for recognition.

Now go back to gulag.

I mean work camp

I mean job

Well that sucks, hope they update it so we can set aside like ISK or LP or even items as rewards that’d be pretty sweet.

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