Feedback on the new corp projects system

  1. There is no thread to give feedback on this subject in the feedback section of this forum. So I am posting it here in the general discussion. Maybe CCP should put a thread up in the feedback subforum, specifically on the subject of corp projects.

  2. Great job so far. More can be done for this, in particular ease of use.
    A) Right click on item, create delivery project for that item (simliar to right click, view market details)
    B) Auto-populate the project name field with the name of the item if it’s a deliver item project. (less clicking/typing)
    C) More automation on converting things into deliver item projects. For example if you are in a fitting window and you want to “buy all” you will get an automatic buy all set up. Do this, but with corporation projects.
    D) Auto-populate the ISK reward section on deliver items, based on estimated value.

Question: Should this stuff get taxed? This is very similar to setting up buy orders on the market, except it’s exclusive to members of the corporation.

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Thank you.

My number 1… allow us to edit the Project. My spelling is terrible.

  1. Ability to link or have waypoints within one Project. For example, I want to build an Orca; so we have gather materials, then build the components, then build the actual Orca. So those three projects combined into one, with three waypoints. (milestones)

  2. what determines which corp wallet pays the bills?

  3. Deliveries to non-corps locations.

  4. Make the create new in Oppurtunites and not corps? I know this is a corps function, but I seem to click Opportunity first when creating new.

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I think the wallet is dependant upon whichever wallet you have active when you create the project.

I agree 100% on your final note: allow us to create projects from within the opportunities window. It’s good to have more than 1 way to skin a cat.

Here’s another one I thought of, with regards to auto-populating the ISK rewards for deliver items. When you are using Janice, in the advanced options section, you can scale the values based on a percentage.

If you auto-populate the ISK rewards in the corporation project, have a field where you can type in what percentage of the estimated value that you would like to use by default.

So for example, if you have a buyback program that is, by default, 90% of jita buy, you can just set this field 90% and then you don’t need to perform the repetitive process yourself.

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Yes, if you want the rewards/payouts to come from a specific Corp Wallet, you need to have that Corp Wallet active BEFORE you create the Project as changing to the proper Wallet once you have the Project window open will not change the Wallet the reward/payout comes from.

A. Issue:
Has anyone received an error “Unable to connect to server, Please try again later” when they try to create a project?

B. Suggestions:
Exploration, can we get more granular on site types?
Faction Warfare Command Operations centers and Rendevouz sites.

For defend and capture plexes: add Advantage actions, completing rendevous, supply depot/cache, deploying prop towers/listening posts.

Also, the abilty to automatically award non isk items like skins, modules,plex,clothes, ships, and collectibles.

Not really a point of feedback but a question: why aren’t payments for contributions towards projects processed automatically? You have to go through these extra steps to “claim” your payment.

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Another idea I have is to give some love to highsec corporations. A corporation project that says:
“Run missions for X corporation”

Some good points suggested above.

I haven’t taken time yet to check the current Projects update, but it’s definitely trending in the right direction. It’s such a good idea I wish I’d thought of it myself. Oh, wait… I did!

I don’t believe they’ve set up a couple of those project types (like station defense / destroy which would allow for targeting specific citadels) yet, so there’s still room for more.

I’d also like to see ways for similar projects/contracts to be offered outside of the corp, as generally available. Something like EVE Pandora campaigns.

To be Fair, Eve-Pandora is the Go To if you want to do stuff outside your corp or include you alliance. Also more clarity on how it you know works? What is calculated, what wallets and rights. the info is not in one place.

The feature is great, however extremely buggy, rigid, and overall unreliable. Destroy Player Capsuleers project type is the worst of them, a LOT of kills don’t get counted (been testing this with my corp), and it would be amazing if we could exclude capsules from these kills, or allow the ship type field to accept multiple ships.

The biggest issue however is the unreliability of the counts. Capsuleeer kills don’t count properly, which makes ISK payout projects a bit unfair to use, so we might stop using them for example. Filled a detailed bug report, reached out to GMs via petition etc, no answer so far apart from “they will look into it”

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There’s currently no way to create a project to capture complexes on behalf of pirate factions. Only the big 4 factions. Please add the ability to create projects for capturing complexes on behalf of guristas and angel cartel militia.

There is also no way to create a project to harvest gas clouds. Only regular ore. Please add gas clouds as an option for harvesting.

It would be nice if inputting the item for delivery was easier as it keeps rejecting it for me.

Its a cookie cutter system controlled by people who dont play or care about the game so it will never be good

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