Making Corporation Projects Great Mega Thread

The latest round of updates brought the Corp projects feature significantly closer to fulfilling its full potential as a tool for corp leaders to engage their members. The ability to automatically pay members was a big improvement. Delivery projects are starting to resemble a feature that is actually useful at smaller scales. However, the unwieldy process for setting up delivery projects and the inability to easily track project contributions and related wallet transactions make it impractical for large-scale projects like building capital ships. I’m starting this thread to share ideas about how to get the rest of the way there.

Master Projects
The ability to set up delivery projects for a range of items in one go is a critical feature needed to make corp projects a tool that can be used at scale. A common use case, like building capital ships, currently requires creating dozens of projects that take an unreasonable amount of time to set up and result in a cluttered an confusing UI for members.

  • Multi-Buy for Corp Projects - Corp projects should work like multi-buy market orders including a functionality like multi-buy’s "create from clipboard "that allows build plans created in external spreadsheets to be efficiently cut and paste into Corp Projects.

  • Master Projects - Add an ability to organize corp projects as Master Projects with multiple sub-projects. For example, a Master Project might be “Avatar Build” with multiple delivery projects to deliver various materials grouped within it.

ESI Endpoints and EveExcel Functionality
Currently, there is no good way to efficiently track project contributions and expenses or progress towards completion. Developing ESI Endpoints that could support third-party tools and EveExcel functions to pull project data would be a game-changer.

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