CCPlease create a "Project Manager Role" for corp projects

Managing corporation projects kills my arthritis. I know very few people have this issue but it’s a real pain in my joints to click so many times to create, edit (whoops did I say edit? I meant to say DELETE and recreate) projects, to go through the dropdown menus and select the same options, repeatedly, set the same destination, the same type of project, and so on.

Please help me, and other CEO’s in the game, to delegate these tasks to our corp members without having to give them full on Director status in the corporation. That’s too much power to give people if all we need them to do is create & manage corporation projects.

Also, corporation projects were clearly designed with nullsec in mind. There is no need for “kill non-capsuleers in x, y, z system” for highsecurity space. For highsec I would suggest “Run missions for x corporation” to incentivize players to generate loyalty points with specific corporations.

Thank you for listening. For the people who disagree with me, please be civil for goodness sakes and explain your issues with my suggestions instead of making ad hominem attacks such as “try taking Tylenol instead of complaining on the forums”.


Might want to ask ISD to move this to the Player Ideas / Feature Request section of the forums. There’s a snowballs chance in hell it could be seen there.

This part of the forums is exclusively reserved for trolling, complaining about PvP, and conducting one’s self in a horrid manner.

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Moved to Player Features & Ideas - EVE Online Forums

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@Brisc_Rubal has this been brought up or ever mentioned? Why its only the director/CEO?

I made a thread earlier this week that attempts to track the most commonly requested issues since the last big patch. The idea is to follow up on it later, and the corp role is among one of the requested features/issues

(It seems like CCP has already moved on tho)

It’s Director or CEO because at some point we expect these projects are going to allow you to provide in-game rewards from the project, and you don’t want someone who doesn’t have access to something like the corp wallet to make a project with a payout.

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Can’t they tie the payment functionality to wallet access? Then you could assign project management role and a specific wallet for that project manager to use for their projects. Most of the corp titles/roles management system is very granular in it’s control, I was assuming we could expect a similar level of customized control with corp projects, but I guess not.

I’m hoping we can get a full overhaul of these tools at some point, because they’re a pain in the ass to use and set up. That being said, I will see if it’s possible for them to create a new role specifically for these corp projects.


Thank you.

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