Corporate Projects limited to only CEO and Directors

I think the Corporate Project tools are a great idea. However, why are you limiting their use to only CEO’s and Directors? They are the people least likely to use them. There are other people within a corporation that would like to start projects and get help with them.

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Those are the people who do decide on what the corp goals are though. Anyone will be able to interact with the projects, but it makes perfect sense that only the leadership can decide the direction and scope of the projects. Corp members are still going to benefit when they get rewarded for turning stuff in and what not. If someone else has a project idea, they can still bring it to their attention.


I haven’t looked at the way it’s set up yet. I’d hoped project creation could be assigned to a role - even different roles for different types of projects (PvP vs. mining for instance).

It’s the first iteration of a new function though, so hopefully we could see more QoL improvements in it over time.

Agreed that this should be handled by a role

Oh I’m fine with them adding a role that can be applied. But saying that CEO/Directors don’t benefit is kinda mess up.

Yeah they should allow the CEO to give a role that allows people to do this

The way its worded in the patch notes, ceo/director creates the projects while everyone carries them out. Letting the bosses ya know manage and delegate, like a business

Considering that the new structure cosmetic system has its own role, it’s even funnier that this wasn’t given one

The point is to allow mega-corp leaders to dictate play and track how obedient their minions are.


As a CEO, i will add something here… Setting up of projects is limited to three functions, the CEO, Director and Project manager, which is fine by me.

What worries me more is, that this is a system that benefits large corps in sov null more than smaller corporations, since a reward system for contributions to projects is lacking.

I´d propose adding the option of setting up an ISK pool, from which rewards would be paid out based on contribution percentage. That would provide more incentive to corp members to actually contribute to goals, and it would also give more sense to the whole Corporate Projects feature.


I had such high hopes…
If I open up the industry window, and select and Orca, this is now our new corp project, and boom 10 projects just got created, building the components and the one for the orca.

Offer isk or offer % based on participation? If the orca gets built and it’s put on the market I want to say I want to designate a sale as a past Corp project so that the participants of that project can get a % of the payout.

it could have been so much more, ■■■■, do you even play the same game?

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How hard is it after its sold to split the isk up between the participants afterwards?

Honestly, i thought about that when projects came out, but imagine having 100+ members with let´s say 50 participating… Calculate rewards for each one separately and pay them out one by one.

That´s how i´d describe wasting time that could be spent more productively.
This is also why a reward system connected to projects would make it far easier to manage, and would provide more incentive for members to actually participate.

All true, but you are missing the point.

Null sec leaders want a way to track whether or not their minions are doing what they are told. Reward isn’t even a consideration.

How did a null bloc hurt you?

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