Allow members to opt-out of Projects

It would be neat if members could exempt themselves from their contributions being tracked in Corp Projects. For us, this would make it easier for Project payouts to get to those players who need ISK more

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CCP is full of unproductive and unorignal university graduates. They only got a degree and a job to brag about it. They are not interested in actual work and creating something solid. Otherwise the corp projects thing would be much further a long and much better by now :slight_smile:

If you know someone who needs money more than you do… why not simply send him ISK?

I don’t know what happened to your thread, but it is interesting for CEO’s and directors to opt out.

For a small corps it wouldn’t be much but tracking on a major corps or alliance could be a major issue.

CCP Nomad… add it to the list!!! :wink:

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