Limiting Corporate Project Eligibility for Corp Members

This may have been answered when Corp Projects first dropped, but it’s not a feature I took advantage of at the time, and I’m now looking rectifying that.

Is it possible to filter which corp members are able to take part in active projects?

For example:

An industrial corp might have an active mining wing that spend their time actively chewing rocks night in, night out.

But they want to recruit some newbros, and to help encourage activity, and to build up a familiarity of space close to home, use corp projects to mine x amount of rocks in the right systems.

If corp projects work anything like the other opportunities, there’s no way to not take part. You just start working towards the targets depending on your activity.

In the example above, what’s to stop the veterans in the active mining wing hijacking the corp project before the newbros get to take advantage of the content?

Essentially I’d like to use corp projects to boost content for new recruits, but cannot see how to do this.


I would also like this honestly. I run a PVP corp and want to reward new members for getting kills. However, I also get the rewards for getting kills and cannot turn them down.

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You do this by being a decent manager.

You make the rules, you clearly define the rules to the corp, then you enforce the rules with similarly clear defined punishments.

There will inevitably be those who break the rules, that’s what the punishment is for, and it’s on you to deal with it at the time. This may require kicking people from your corp, so be ready for that.