Corporation Projects Issue / Suggestion

Although a nice step forward, Corporation Projects seem rather limited.

For example, if I wish to make a Mining Project to deliver mined Ores to the Project Hangar, I must make a “Deliver” Project, and specify one Item, in this case I would start with selecting “Veldspar”.
This means I cannot make a broad “Mining Project” and instead must make a separate Project for every single type of Ore. Just to encompass all “Veldspar” I must create another Project for “Dense Veldspar” and another for “Concentrated Veldspar”, besides creating another Project for every other specific Ore.

The current “Mine Materials” for this kind of Project doesn’t work, since although it can track mining in general, it only tracks the Corp Members’ mining of the Ores and not the deposit of them into the Project Hangar (It won’t allow depositing for such a Project).

Is there a way (or in the near future) to make a broad “Deposit any Ore into the Projects Hangar” Project?
Maybe the ability to select a broader grouping of items instead of specifying every single one, or in the least entering several items separated by a comma to track the total combined deposited into the Hangar.

The above is true for any other kind of “Deliver” Project, for example dropping Loot from PvE Combat done in Fleet where I would have to create a Project for every type of Module and Ammo the NPC’s might drop. This could again be solved if choosing a group of Items (in this case “Modules” or “Ammo”) or entering several items/sub-groups separated by a commas was allowed.


yes I just found this out yesterday I glad to see people wanting changes to this

also give us a bounty project

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I think there were some issues with Bounties, which is why the discontinued that mechanic.
At the moment there is a Project to fight a specific Alliance, Corp, or Capsuleer though.

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great to know

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