Corporation Proects

I wanted to create a corporation project for corp members to get involved with, that project is to make a rig to go into a structure. However on creating this project I am encountering a few issues.

1: are you only able to specifiy one destination per “thing”. We have multiple locations and I wanted the total amount of salvage needed to be delivered at any of those locations, but it seems that i can only choose one corp office location or ANY, the any being any location anywhere in new eden. Is there a way to enter several locations for the total amounts needed, or at least every corp office location for items?

2: Do i have to create a project for each component of the rigs, so this rig has 10 different salvage materials, do i have to create 10 projects for all the salvage components needed?

3: can you allocate a different wallet for the payments to be processed from?

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