Questions regards projects

I want to create a project for our corp members but i have a couple of questions

1: How can I determine the wallet that the reward payment comes out of?
Found this out, it is whatever is the active corp wallet

2: The project i want to set up is for a Standup M-Set Asteroid Ore Grading Processor I. That contains many parts (see pic). Do i have to set up each salvage material as its own project (so 10 projects for each salvage type) or can I set up a project that has all the salvage types under one banner?

3: Can i have multiple (but not anywhere) locations for the items to be delivered? (for example if you have 20 offices dotted around new eden but you only want the deliveries to be valid at 2 or 3 of those places how can you choose that without setting up a new project to each office)


Currently Projects are suppose to be still worked on with improvements coming in the future.

You need to make 1 project per each object, and only one location per project, also.
There is a topic in ‘Features and Ideas’ section of this forum which you can add to.

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Wait until 11th June when the Equinox expansion is scheduled to release. It’ll bring enhancements to corp projects, along with projects for non-members.

We should see series of “Equinox in Focus” Dev Blogs/Twitchs beforehand discussing new features in more detail.

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