On an Alt i have that is a CEO i am looking into setting up a project. That project was to build an item, that item has multiple inputs. But on creating a new project it seems that you can only enter 1 item type at a time, so if I have an items that has say 10 inputs that means i need to create 10 seperate projects for each of the items… is that correct or am I missing something here?

What does the cookbook say about your item?

There are skills you can train to have 11 lab jobs and 11 manufacturing jobs at the same time.

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Not sure what you guys are talking about; manufacturing blueprints, inputs and jobs have nothing to do with the OP’s question as far as I can tell.

Vartan, yes, the current Corp Project system does not allow multiple different items per project. It also doesn’t allow linking separate projects together so they can all pay out at once.

If you want a project to supply 10 different inputs, you need 10 different projects. And then when they complete you need to track the 10 individually and pay out any rewards manually.

While the Corp Project system is a step in the right direction, it really needs some additional work.


@Kezrai_Charzai thanks, indeed, I wasnt asking about manufacturing or inventions etc. That is disapointing, I agree, def needs more work as it is a bit clunky to use at the moment.

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