Corp Goals / Project Management

Probably been suggested before but I think an amazing feature would be to have an ingame interface for managing an industrial project, for incentivizing teamwork, progress, and to give players a sense of their impact.

Imagine being able to designate a corp goal of “1 million rounds of ammo” or “build a tempest” or “construct a fleet with doctrine fittings”, and then corp members being able to donate materials into a project inventory, and then having their contributions tracked and statistics on how far along the project is, who contributed the most, what “state” a project is in (initial funding, material collecting, building, delivery to destination, awaiting final sale), and so on.

My eve industry wish has always been to have something like this, where I donate a night’s mining into, and see a Megathron icon fill from 20% to 70% for its build requirements. Then while I’m sleeping somebody else dumps the remaining 30% into it, and the manufacturing job starts automatically, and maybe some overflow minerals start filling up the progress-icons of the ship’s doctrine modules that are also part of the “project”. Please CCP give me more industry porn!


I imagine a piece of ui to do this would be pretty complex but, You can do some of this with contracts. (of course its a massive pain in the ass with all the 5/10% variants for each ore).

And then keep your peeps up-to-date via corp bulletins.

Cooperative industry would be nice and can work as long as there is trust. In game, corps can setup buyback programs where ore, PI, loot, etc… can be contracted to the corporation at Jita buy (attach Eve Appraisal permalink). Eve isn’t a job - people do what they want, when they want and real life has priority so it’s difficult to spread work across a team - unless they are your own ALTs

Backlog and burndown would be cool but there are a lot of 3rd party apps for that - not sure if any of them are free but Jira is only $10.00/month.

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player organization is part of being in an organization and it is there responsibility to coordinate whatever they wish to accomplish. I know the game has coordination tools for organizations but this seem trivial and not worth the programming time or upkeep time.

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EVE is too single player. This is exactly the kind of thing EVE needs more of. From a business perspective, just “hoping” players figure this stuff out on their own is bad. “Hope” is not a “plan.”

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