Corporation Mission's

G’day all,

I would like to discuss the possibilities of introducing a system that would allow corporations around eve, to make or create in house mission’s for their players.

So out there, there are an arrange of corporations, so I feel this may help some corps keep members possibly engaged especially if a CEO has real life issues, he/she could then have some tasks pre set. Directors should be able to access this feature. It could also help with players that aren’t exactly in the same time zone that every one else may be on but can see what needs to be done.

So when thinking about missions and setting them up I broke it down to 3 major categories and what we could expect out of them.


-Killing of NPC’s
-ADM lifting in unwarranted systems
-Destroying NPC Mining ship’s
-Just setting up a small NPC mission (to possibly help new players make some extra ISK and keep them interested)

The CEO would be able to set the region/constellation/system of which the NPC’s are to be killed to be valid to complete the task.


With industry it would come down to the CEO on how they would want to work it, were he/she may set a reward at the current market rate of minerals or might set it lower, this depends on the mind set of the corporation and what they want to achieve out of it, I.E Lower reward that the minerals are worth but minerals will go into say items for the corp that members can use. That being said.

-Setting up mineral mining mission - x amount of minerals mined and you get a reward (This is to say help put minerals in for building new ships for new player or fleet ship’s that are hand me outs within the corporation - help it grow)
-Tasks for a build order (corp may require ships or items to be made)
-Setting up salvage missions - x amount of a particular salvage for a reward ( also to help the corp get items it may need to build things.)


With PVP I feel it could be based off the kill mail.

The final blow, Assisted kill or both of these could go towards a tally.

With this the CEO could set an arrange of tasks.

-How many kill’s
-If it’s based on Final blows/Assisted/Both
-Which region/constellation/system the kills can take place.
-the class of ship (for example he may set a parameter to cruiser class or higher to be a valid point towards the mission)

So as an example of this, the CEO could say set up a mission were a player could be rewarded if he gets x amount of kills in a particular region to help patrol and keep certain areas safe… I mean the CEO could even set up 5 of the same missions so 5 corp members might see them and accept, then bring out a small fleet together to try and get the rewarded. I could keep going on…

With Missions I feel that it could be a skill that a CEO must skill into and could allow x amount of mission per level, directors would be able to add missions as well based off their CEO’s skill level.

Rewards for the missions could be paid out of the corp wallet. Maybe even item’s/ships could be added in as a reward. So this would mean the mission creation spot would ideally be the drop off point as well, and were they can collect their reward if its an item involved.

Missions could show in ‘the agent’ tab. Also when creating a mission a small description can be added in. One mission per corp member at anytime, and being able to add a duration for the mission to be completed once accepted.

The possibilities and purposes of the missions could be endless and can be a good way for a corp to put back into their players.

So that being said I would really like to discuss this further with you all.

Also in doing this we don’t want to break the core fundamentals of a corp, I feel being its community, has to work in a way that its a helping feature. Maybe once a mission is created it expires after x amount of time. Don’t want a CEO come on put a bunch of missions then go MIA for 6 months. A feature to reward and help encourage players.

Thank you for your time and patients going through my post as well.


Sounds like slavery to me.

But much of what you proposed, like setting up mission rewards, can be accomplished with buy orders for minerals and salvage in a citadel only corp mates have docking access to. You can also choose rewards on pvp based off of killboard activity. It might not be automated, but it’s possible with tools that currently exist.

G’Day Oreb,

I do understand exactly were you are coming from.

But imagine your a corp member or even so your a new corp member and new to New Eden.

You log in.

You then have this access to a tab were you can easily select a mission of choice for the corporation, you don’t have to look around for contracts (which I know is easy to do as well when you know how to). Then you select what you want to do then off you go.

See what I would want is also something that is easy and quick for a CEO to be able to set up, not be tedious, just like setting up a bunch contracts for corp. Something that you could possibly even have pre sets like you would fit’s.

The mineral missions could purely be a corp donation if it were setup that way by the CEO, to go towards building stuff and were you might have had a fleet op with every one to gain corp minerals, these missions could be set up for guys that missed out on that op but still want to help.

And hopefully in a way it could also help potentially get a player engaged in doing something if they didn’t at the time have something to do or achieve.

But the last thing I would want is for it to be tedious, its about trying to make it easier and hopefully get more people involved and doing more.

Also with the PVP, with the missions it can also not just be about the activity. By being able to set a region or even a star system can get players to camp, to possibly stop hostiles going through or get players to patrol a specific area, could set up a whole range of things that would push the players into a specific area, but also get rewarded.

So what would your suggestions be if there were such a thing to not be so tedious?

My thoughts would have to come from the interface, maybe something that works in with the New map so its easy to select the area’s you want. Might be hard with the other selection’s for the CEO putting them in, but you could have pre set’s. Also you have go through multiple menu’s for contracts anyway.

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I do like all those things, but I also know that this kind of system would be used to under pay and exploit new players who don’t know the value of their work. That, even though you would use such a system well, others won’t. If there was some way to check the average value of an item by region, via the map, that by itself could go a long way. Until then, we rely on 3rd party apps like Evepraisal, to verify the cost of a fit, a ship, or module.

You wouldn’t need so many contracts. Mostly buy orders for simple things like minerals and a buy back program via contracts for random drops like deadspace stuff, put up by the finder for its value in evepraisal, minus whatever corp price you’ve all agreed upon, to the mutual benefit of every one under the same banner.

G’day Oreb,

Yes I did think about people that might try and exploit another player, even from my past experiences from those buy orders in new area’s to someone trying to convince you to open that yellow flashy crate for some goodies all in the hopes of turning your EVE experience upside down.

Things like that I feel have always been in EVE and in a way kind of makes EVE… EVE!

But if someone were to use this to try and exploit say a new player to the game, I could almost say now, that the player would work it out and more than likely leave the corporation, meaning they would lose that player making any more isk’s for the corp, not to mention it wouldn’t help their corp grow especially if the word gets among-st other members they are trying to exploit, which could cause a cascade of players to leave their corp.

It would be nice to be able to check the average value of an item any were, but I suppose you could implement the current region’s average of an item as you would selling an item were it show’s you above or below the regional price, but of course it may not show you the average of a main hub if your not in that region.

But from there lets say we move away from using say an industry mission being some sort of a buy back program, to were it could be used to help set up a goal for a corporation.

So for example, say you have a new corp and they all love mining. Say they go to the CEO and they want a larger ship to help mine or to get a Citadel into a system were there might not have access to a station. The CEO could then say OK, goes and gets the blue print/copy to make the desired request, go OK it will take this amount of product to make it and then they set up a bunch of mining missions or salvage to be able to get it built. He/She lets them know and adds in the description for the purpose of these missions, this would make the corp aware and what they are there for, that its for a goal for every one to pitch in and help put towards building it. So instead of giving them a reward per mission, the item being built would essentially be that reward. So this could get them engage in a corp task as it will benefit all of them. They could also see as the missions are being completed how much is left to do and in a way see how they are tracking on their goal.

So missions could give a task or goal to help someone that might not have something to do, get them engaged in doing something for the corp without having to wait for a CEO or director to be online to ask if they can do something for the corp.

Like I have had my fair share of station spinning. I feel this could help certain players or corporations, being able to set those different goals or tasks. It could possibly even help new CEO’s on what to try and do and achieve for their new founding corp.

You might be able to achieve something like that with an alliance or corp wide MoTD, striking out each specific item off the list as its gathered or completed. You can also include links to regions, systems, or constellations there.

I can see this working inside the Corp UI. I think I see the context of the idea. I kinda like it.

Choice is important.

I can see this visualised as an interface the Corp member can access whereby they can look down a list of “Corp Missions” Some will reward with ammo sets others drone sets or implants sets or ship sets or straight ISK. The point being that say for instance I’m on deployment and bored so I look down the list of Corp Missions and I choose one based on what I may want e.g I want the reward of a stack of 5k of each missile ammo type for my fleet drake (j/ks). So tonight, I accept that Corp mission. Hypothetically it requires me to go to a designated system look for a specific beacon, do a specific action, loot a specific item and drop it in a specific corp hangar. Or Hypothetically form a fleet with two corp members, roam through a specific constellation, pvp kill a specific number of ships

I think I see the CEO’s job would be to use a specialised CEO UI set of templates to generate the missions, CCP can control the mission constructs. For instance. A CEO opens the Mission Generator interface and selects the type of mission and the steps to complete it - Go here - kill that - salvage that - Loot that - gank that and drop off here. Can be endless variations of the construct but yes CPP can tie in the buy orders to kill mails to contracts to loot types etc. I do understand that individually any of these is already achievable with current mechanics but I think I see what Poe is trying to describe a more automated process. Something that is specific to a corps activity. Mining corps would make mining type missions and pvp corps would generate Pvp corp mission. Exploration WH activities etc on and on…

I don’t think Poe is saying the Corp Mission is supposed to replace content it sounds like it is just meant to supplement content and activity. Gives corp members a corp centric set of activities and build comradery within the corp where buy members can team up to complete certain high lvl mission.

The CEO would generate mission with an automated template that links activities together
CPP would manage the database actions and limits & caps and stock
CEO would use corp money to buy assets and “Stock” a corp mission hangar. One-way move.
CCP would ensure if the assets are in the right hangar a set of mission generator templates are available.
Corp members can only accept one of a mission each day or at a caped rate so the corp hangars are not drained of stock by one member
Corp CEO’s choose at what rate the mission spawns or renew so they are not constantly having to make mission each night.

If you linked say buy orders with kill mails with contracts and medals you could create a corp mission that requires a corp member to do a set of tasks and automate the reward.

Everything is open to exploitation but I don’t personally see this as an issue. The concept is just a concept. I don’t think Poe said he had it all entirely worked out and was just after feedback so things like exploitation avoidance and risk mitigation would be worked out in the details.

Looking from the top down to me I would use this. Providing there is a wide enough range of different mission types and rewards.

Corp Mission Examples
• A corp mission that asks me to solo gank a highsec miner.
• Or a mission that asks me to visit a system and mine out an asteroid and drop it in the corp hangar.
• A mission that asks me to run at least 3 exploration sites in enemy territory
• A mission that asks me to drop a Black Ops ship and get a kill in under a specific time limit.
• A mission that asks me to roam a constellation and get at least 3 kills.
• An Epic lvl mission that ask me to do one of each of the above for an epic reward and I have 48 hrs to complete it.

It is really open as to the allowance on variation of mission types.

Rewards maybe can have a minimum cap and/or a max cap. Perhaps as part of the template CCP will set the reward types so the CEO can’t screw a member. CCP sets rewards at a level and then the CEO has to choose from a minimum set of actions to be performed to get the rewards.

Rewards Examples
• 5K stack of each missile ammo type
• 10 x stacks of each combat drone
• Set of implants
• Set of skins
• Set of fitted ships.
• ISK Amount
• Really whatever the CEO & CCP decide.

The point is if I get to look down a list and choose the corp based mission on its reward I will not feel ripped off because A) I am not forced to do any of it and B) I personally chose which of the individual missions I wanted to do. Content and rewards are my incentive. When deployed that is a real issue at times when boredom sets in.
The Isk reward balancing would need to be worked out of course but I can see a version of this idea realised without it becoming slavery. Choice. Keep a high degree of choice in the hands of the corp members and make the incentive worth it

Hey Blitz,

Yes, something that would be easy to use as well, like having a nice interface and easy for everyone to use.

So Oreb, if there were such a feature within the game were you could set up objectives for corp members, were to them it would be as easy as accepting a NPC missions, would you use it?

Something like this might not be for every corp but I feel a lot of corps could use this to help push certain activities and potentially bring in more content.

@Poe_Siebeth I think something so customizable as that would require some knowledge in game development. I can’t even figure out the new ESI system that replaced API information. No doubt a lot of people could have a lot of fun with it and use it. I probably wouldn’t.

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