Suggestion based on recient CSM miniuts

i was just readint he recient miniuts and figured out the problem for rookie integration into corps real quick. Though im sure this will take a lot of time to implement it will take alot of the curve out of the learning and integration process and the irritation out of constantly starting over with each new rookie in a corp. add a quest line tab in corp in a modular fashion. fer instance mine X of this type of ore get this reward. the corp leader or whoever can set up the quest goals then set up rewards and deliveries then a block for helpful info including fits ships websites and experience corp member willing to guide after the rookie has read all the info in the quest. and finally a note as to what this quest leads to for the greater purpose in the corp ie. the corp needs megatons of x ore and will pay u good isk for it jst go here and sell to this guy or w/e the corp wants. this process will start the rookie on a goal oriented self learning process with guided help threw out from other players in the corp. this will also automate alot of the learning process limiting the personal help each rookie needs as long as each modual is set up by the corp well. in a longer view ccp can help write good moduals for corp master just to click to add and while searching for a corp the level of help can be shown buy how much effort the corp has put into these training moduals.

Too much lower case.


So your solution to integrating new players is to reduce their interaction with other players and replace it with an automated pesudo-mission system where they can continue playing solo and never have to interact with the rest of the corp?

Can you explain this a bit more or are you just saying things to try and sound smart?

Translation: CEO’s create contracts for miners for ore, mission runners for salvage and LP items, they also provide ship types and fittings to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Oh then they also provide links directly to EvE Uni in the corporation Ads.

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