Nahtor Raschura - CSM 14

G´Day Eve Online

I have started as a solo miner in 2015. Today I am living in the Nullsec and flying everything from shuttles to capitals. I am also the head recruiter of my Cooperation.

I don´t want to promise you thinks I can´t fulfill. I know that there are other candidates who give hollow promises but I’m not one of these.

I am just focused on a few thinks I can reach.
I think we need a new recruitment and member Management System. I would like to have a comment boxes for recruiters.

We need the possibility to mark characters in the player list as main character, alternative character etcetera.

We all know the problem that there are some players who make cooperation bookmarks every day. That sucks! I think we need fleet bookmarks who delete themselves after the fleet is closed or time-based bookmarks.
We need Alliance bookmarks for trade, war and participating in fleets.

We also have to improve the travel system so that if you set a destination the travel system will, selectable in the menu, involve the Upwell jump gates in. It would reduce the jumps and it would be easier to travel/trade.

The possibility to trade escalations directly from the agency to other pilots for a fair tax.

I want to have a message or a symboll that indicates if a player or a group of players has read my mail as you know from WhatsApp.

Last but not least I think that CCP should nerf all Triklavien weapons.

If you think these things are important please vote for me.

No. Or hell no

Do you mind commenting on the Mexallon bottleneck? What about social and financial stratification among excrementis industrialists?

What are your affiliations with HK?

Some interesting ideas. My questions:

Why nerf Trig weapons? They are not uncounterable.

Do you have any opinions on the state of Low Sec and Hi Sec?

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