CCP Make Expertsystems Great Again!

Hello CCP,

i would like to see the Barge Expert System back in the game. Especially if you can buy it for plex and Trade it as Gift to an new Player.

This will give us as Corporation the ability to help alpha players to get into the game and is also a good tool, to get more peoples into the game.



The last thing we should be doing is encouraging new players to start alpha mining.
Get em doing almost anything else imho.


Interesting point of view. That you speak for all players. This is an opportunity. No need that you have to do this.

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It would have to be limited to 1 activation per account, otherwise you could buy hundreds and have alphas mine in barges forever.

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Yeah i am ok with that, the thing is, that item, or possiblity does not exist anymore. And to show the difference, would be awesome to have.

Why is CCP not selling skillpoints in this way anymore? I think they used to when they released them, did the community protest against it as pay2win?

Seems like a good idea. Other MMOs are experimenting with XP boosts, and CCP is also giving away a million free SP for every account at the moment. So there is clearly a problem or demand for fast level up.

Expert Systems could potentially be the right way to do this.

Good plan ! Put alphas in barges, organize them in corporations that know what they’re doing, mine in lowsec, call it “content”, and get that isogen on the market to fix the current state of the economy and push the prices down to viable levels.
Evil plan ! I love it.

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I support this idea.
Could there be a @CSM willing to look into it ?

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