With expert systems coming soon should CCP consider

Allowing players after testing the system to then move skill points for say a useless skill like mining (isn’t worth doing for me anymore), to move those skill points over to something else but only allow a move (after paying for the expert systems), once every quarter per account this way people don’t exploit it.

Isn’t there another thd for this already? Can this be merged please?

You can already move SP easy enough, just buy extractors.

@ISD_Bahamut Please merge any and all expert system threads.

Oh, they will still have to train 24 days into the mining barges for like the mining ES.

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Can I buy something so that all my alts can use the maxed skills on my main?

Skill extractors.

Sounds like you want a package deal of expert systems + skill extractors. Both will be available in the store.


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