Expert Systems - Coming Soon!


We have just announced new Expert Systems that will be coming into the game very soon! They are designed to help rookie Capsuleers discover and experience new activities by providing specific virtual skills and skill levels for a limited time that cannot be extracted through the use of Skill Extractors.

Please use this thread for the player discussion about this announcement.


404? Caching?

Yea @CCP_Dopamine , link doesn’t work.

Should be all good now :slight_smile:


Actually like this.

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Hmmm, not what i assumed they would be

As you mention them being rookie aids i’m assuming they only boost the alpha skills, meaning an omega doesn’t really need them

I also assume you’ll be limiting access to things like the cyno skills and anything too disruptive like cloaking to prevent an omega rookie from just buying quick access to these things

Depending on how its done this could improve retention, however, its also one of those things that could end badly if poorly implemented


If price will be right. I already see hordes of alts doing anything that will be profitable. Not to mention bots.

Expert Systems, in their current form, will be obtainable only from the EVE Store

So not in NES? only for $? pitchforks will be coming soon

They can do that by buying SP


Sure, but buying SP doesn’t generate it out of thin air and can be done for ISK

Expert systems literally come from nowhere and don’t suffer any penalties when it comes to diminishing returns on SP


It’s not permanent skills. The skills expire and it’s basically from how I read it, a try before you buy kind of thing.

There was recent discussion by @bluelysian saying alphas should be able to readjust alpha skills in case they trained into something they didn’t like. This sounds like what he was asking for to an extent


Yeah, I’m not a fan. Charging new players money for temporary skills just seems like such a rip off. I don’t care for CCP selling SP directly to players, but at least that’s permanent for the players.


Some were probably buying injectors anyway, so this would be no different than buying the DAIs with $

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if you realy want to help new players redo the career agents and the SOE Epic arc
in the helpchats we have the same new player questions since years (more a dekade) and yourt promised NPE 2.0 never arrived

put them into a clear pathway with a easy to understand progression and goals to reach even if they are just checkboxes in the tracker
with a interresting story (cutscenes?) and robust failsafe system if you miss something.

maybee also play X3 Terran Conlfict from ths start to see how you can have a tutorial/progression/goal/free time between in the sandbox but with some goals to reach, faction mission storylines and some free storylines to play with the hq missions für the big companies.

and if not in the near future pls fix some textboxed, warning messages and other easy to to stuff.
every day questions:
why cant i use my bp here (because the fricking message NOT just say "must be in item hangar in station)
how do i trasnport the 5000m³ (because your shuttle isnt 5k and yoi produce it on the station your agent is the whole warning message from the generic mission check system is just cancer in this place)
how do i find anomalie (well WHY the heck deactivated sensor overlay AND hidden bottons in die HUD AND no clue witch keybinding to use for activation)
how do i find proof of discovery: data (well link the how tow scan vid from flight academy and call this frickn thing signature not data… and tell where the system scanner is!)
and put all agenty in an order at least with some numbers and call it expandet tutorial and not career because you dont choose a career like in other games)
make the missions not breakable and of course… tell they shoud mine VELDSPAR or at least ORE and not Tritanium… i KNOW it isnt whats written but its what the player THINk THEY READ

years ago CCP Ghost promised a clear progression renewing all tutorial and carreer missions into a NPE 2.0 well i wish everyone only the best but in this case i am waiting for new X-Ray pictures on stage of the Fanfest^^ (and yes this is sarcasm for those wo dont understand)

if you want to help new players make skillplants for some standard mission/exploration/mining/ratting/hauling/looting/scanning ships to just click it into the qeue
also dont forget the magic 14 +drones and core skills from a skillplan and a explanation and easy button to klick it
the new players dont need SP they need guidance in the first hours/days/weeks how to progress and what to do and skill


DAI’s are permanent though.

Like, I think this idea could be cool if expert systems came solely through daily logon campaigns or gameplay rewards (i.e. live events), as that would allow them to play with different stuff without having to devote a bunch of training time to it. But charging them money seems like a rip off. If they are looking for the best bang for their buck, they should buy a sub. But if their dead set on buying SP related products, they should probably buy the thing that gives them a permanent SP increase.

I don’t know man. I’m not too thrilled about this.


“Another benefit of Expert Systems is that the AI responsible for providing access to the skills is not located in the Capsuleer’s body or capsule, meaning that they will not be lost when a pilot’s ship or capsule is destroyed in space”

And since the removal of SP Clones and the marginalisation of T3s, neither does any other activity cause a loss in SP. What even is this? Advertising to people who dont know better?


It might have been more of a reference to implants, which are lost via pod loss.

@Shipwreck_Jones it may depend on price as well

But once youve trained the skill, it doesnt matter if you lose the implants. There is no mechanism bar T3 loss that does what they are claiming this prevents as a USP.

And there was me thinking that somethign new had made its way into game for Omega players…

Dont know why you just didnt add the ability for everyone to have ALL skills on the test server, Im omega, i cannot fly a dread or Titan, it would be nice for me to do that on the test server to see if it is something for me to train towards


I still see this more as test driving a car. Without fully committed to buying skills for mining, you can try it for a week and if you didn’t like it, no problem

Er could be but still doesnt acrtually explain what that sentence they put there is supposed to mean.

Oh and have they thought how this might back fire?

Try Mining! for only £5 for a week!

One Week Later


Also, in a test drive, they lend you the car too.

Do they lend you a retriever?


Yay, great news!!!
You found another way to pull money out of new players pockets.
Or does your Expert system also borrow them a fully fitted ship to use?

Force people to buy plex to buy the hardware they need to fulfill their “Expert” stuff??

Wanna know why i´m so sauer?? “new players here” “New players there” whats with the 2003, 2004 etc chars that had promise after promise and got nothing.
Even injecting skills is against us, as we play to long you will take 350.000 SP when we try to inject something.

Stop this newplayer stuff, its the old players that are keeping this alive.
We skilled our asses off, pumping tons of time and money into this for over 15 years, and now people can just get on, create a char, buy expert after expert and keep doing what we had to work hard for.
Inject some skills here, add some expert stuff there buy some more plex for a shiney shippeh, y voilla
scr*w the old players.

Thumbs up again :slight_smile: CCP you rock as always.