Noob Systems - Coming soon

As probaby all of you know by now we will have this expert system in place:

:clap: :clap: :clap: as new player i thank CCP it is very considerative from them more optiuns & diversity for me.

But what have the old players received ? Next step will be to create for them The Noob Systems.
The noob systems will be a challenge for old players that want to experience something exiting in the game.
I can see this work just as the expert system, you buy with cash, lasts a week in which you get to experience cool features .
I don’t know much about this but those features for The Noob System for the veterans could be:

  • your ship takes damage while in space , just like those acid clouds in missions, the morew you are in space the more damage you get
  • the efficiency of the weapon systems is limited , you have less range , bad tracking , reduced damage, drones also suffer from this
  • your ship is slower
  • ship agility is reduced as of using an oversized prop mod
  • lock time is increased by 50% and targetting range decreased by 50%
  • warp speed is limited to 1 AU max
  • drug side effects increased by 75%
  • while activating the noob system any implants that you have are gone
  • shield boosting and armor repair decreased by 50%
  • mining speed of mining lasers and drones is cut by halp
  • efficiency of exploration modules is reduced by 33%
  • cloaking consumes capacitor
  • you have no local chat
  • trading fees increased by 25%
  • directional scanner is limited to 5 AU
  • capacitor capacity and regeneration reduced by 33%

I can think of some many other great features

This will motivate old players to better themselves , to accept challenges and prove themselves that they are worthy , it will bring old players back into the game and give them something exciting and challenging to do.

Why would CCP code all of that? Also, a fair few of those effects can be achieved by using bricked T1 abyssal modules

There’s an official thread to discuss this.

They have to give something to the old players too i just feel so bad for them right now feels like cheating

Please use the official feedback thread for discussion, thank you.

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