Packs and Expert Systems

I like Packs.
I like Expert Systems.
I have zero problem with newer players handing over cash for a moderate and temporary buff in performance as they train the skills and learn the game mechanics in a more permanent manner.

What I do have a problem with is the lack of information that CCP give to people who may be considering purchasing these things.

Expert systems do not tell you how long they last. Why? Don’t know.
The new Packs contain Career Crates, the contents of which are a total mystery. Why? Don’t know.

If you want people to buy your cool new products, you have to tell them exactly what they’re buying and how long it lasts.
This is not just basic marketing but may actually be a legal issue, considering that real money is being spent here.
Please, have a duration added to Expert Systems and let us know what’s in the Career Crates.

CCP: “Hey look, come buy this new product!”
Player: “Ok, what is it and how long does it last?”
CCP: “Hahah not telling, but you buy it anyways, yes?”

Then you wonder why nobody buys the products.
jackie chan


If they hadnt changed the duration, its 7 days for the expert systems


After buying and redeeming an expert system check your Character Sheet ( Alt+A), go to ‘Character’ tab, ‘Expert systems’, move your mouse over the expert system icon (top left above the skills listed). It will show you exact time left running for this system. Standard time is 7 days. The timer starts when applied.

A lack of detail and info on the store is such a silly failure of CCP, it takes perhaps 5 minutes extras to get the information right and do it properly.


true and real

I haven’t looked in a while but they also had this issue with cerebral accelerators. No info on how much it added or for how long, just different names for them.

The crates contain a random skin.
I was bouncing up and down when I opened it and got an Imperial Jubilee skin for my Prorator, a skin I had been wanting for a long time.
The Agency drops have a random agency drug, like hardshell.

I think expert systems suck, it doesn’t aid in the NPE and makes new players feel like they’re getting scammed.

CCP is making the classic MMO blunder of remaking the tutorial again then dropping newbies into a game with little-nothing for them to do for 2-4 weeks and selling them the solution of boosted skills for a limited time, making it feel like one big scam than an enjoyable game.

That is such BS. There is plenty of content and activities accessible to low-skilled rookies. There is no reason to get bored so early on. I know this because last summer I came back from a multi-year hiatus and decided to make a new account to see what Eve is like now.


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