Expert Systems - yes tried it..BUT

So I got an Expert System: like it and trained all the skills to completion (upgraded several) and advanced them into several other trees that I also trained for…buying skill books as required to meet the new personal trees.
Spent lots of ISK and skill points to do this.
So as I am reading further in forums it appears that all the points I spent in the skills (rented access via ES) , books bought and points spent into those RENTALS and other skills which branced from those will be lost in 7 days ???
I thought the rental was for access and THAT access would expire if one did not spent points and buy books etc…
So what is the real skinny on the Expert system???

Expert system is a rental system.

however if you bought the actual skill books, then ES doesn’t matter. ES does only last 7 days.

you have the option to buy the skillbooks that the ES contains or just enjoy the trial to the ships you aren’t trained to use.

but no, the true skillpoints you acquired shouldn’t disappear


CCP needs to pay for the computers and power.

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