When is a nub, not a nub?

Herro citizens of New Eden!

Recently a lot of nublet talk has been going on. It made me curious.

What do all think?

When do nubs, stop being nubs?

Rookie has also been thrown around as a pejorative, so when do pilots stop being rookies?

Disclaimer: This is my personal system, and it works very well for me. If you don’t like it, I suggest that you write a petition to CCP. Thank you.

Noobs stop being nubs the moment they leave the starter system. This marks them as “intermediate” players.

The moment they jump into “low, null, wormhole space, and/or space hell,” they are marked as expert players.

This marking system is completely independent to the employment history as there are oodles of 1 day old alts being driven by 15 year old vets.

What is Nul Sec going to do in Uprising?

they stop being noobs wen they shot me
one day a noob shot me and them sent a gigantic cry mail saying I’m SOOO bad for killing him
i said , dude , you shot me …

go figure

i agree , if they are in pew pew places there is no excuse

Wasn’t me


on the page " SOLDIER CAREER PACK" It says that it unlocks some special Soldier of Fortune? piloting skills to level 3 does nayone know what are those secret skills that might help me in pvp?

you are a vet dude

btw I’m not a ganker , that said i think this we must protect the noobs thing is overstated
WHY not shot noobs ? Games are not fun wen people are giving you a free pass , they are not toddlers

NOWAY I am a new pilot in the Faction War Uprising changes

You stop being a noob as soon as you start fighting back.


EvE hasn’t had a new player in years.

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Would you not prefer that they not throw themselves on your sword. I would like them to show more spirit and at least try to fly it into the ground.

Mm interesting. I tend to agree with Axl.

Once they leave the nub systems, no longer nub.

I also find it hard to sympathize with them, as EVE is almost 20 years old and Google exists.

Most everything mechanics wise has been explained either thru text or the Youtubes.

A further question, and I feel the most important one, should CCP quantify that once they leave the nubs, they are no longer nub?

As others have pointed out, char history means nothing now sadly with the introduction of alphas.

Maybe some self confidence then?

I dont think it matters which space your in.

when they start doing things they didn’t do in any other games

To vague lol. EVE is too unique!

at this time of night


I don’t think it really matters for most contexts.

From a gameplay perspective, the only real question , if you want to play in/near those systems, is what players are covered under the Rookie Griefing policy? For me that would be:

  • any character less than 7 days old in the the systems covered by the policy

If you don’t want/need to play around those systems, then everyone is just a character in the sandbox and every aspect of play is equally valid against them as it is for them.

The 7 days is based on a recent interview/presentation of CCP Hilmar in which he described it as CCP’s responsibility to teach new players in their first 7 days. After that, it becomes a process of other players teaching them.

However, since I don’t care for the starter systems, any character is just an equal.

If they specifically call themselves out as new, I’ll help them, but otherwise ■■■■ them and ■■■■ me. May the best player win.

I start here when I was in a wh.

Then I go to this

after and pay them and offer advice. If they listen, I pay them more because they learned.

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National cheeseburger day!

There are no rookies nor noobs or “nubs”. All players playing EVE are high skilled pros. No noob could ever survive EVE. Such players are only making their appearance on forums and reddit after they (rage)quitted.