Expert Systems - Coming Soon!

Whats the point in making them NES only?
People can still buy PLEX. Is this just a sheme to advertise the NES at the cost of market game play?
Do i smell CCPeeing on the rug?

It’s not on NES though…

Expert Systems, in their current form, will be obtainable only from the EVE Store and others will occasionally be part of daily login rewards

The EVE store is the NES. :facepalm: Or do you know any other EVE store that sells ingame items? The Merch store definitely doesn’t. This is just another instance of CCP not knowing their own terminology.

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the website is the only place to buy these, not in game.

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oh wtf $$ only!?

It appears i don’t merely smell CCPeeing, i smell a giant turd…

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people keep whining and shedding salt that alpha’s don’t affect CCP’s bottom line like Omegas, so now they are giving them more reason to open their wallet, like if they bought injectors off there instead of in game.

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If that’s the case, they hide the crap from new players instead of making it visible to them via the store that is available ingame where they are already. But like Hypercores and Alpha Injectors, they will be available in the NES.

or DAILY LOG IN REWARDS… dense much…

Which happen to show up as ES once in a blue moon. But don’t let your rose-tinted glasses get into your blissful ways. Be happy that you can support CCP with even more unjustified money. :slight_smile:


Not sure if this helps or wrecks EvE’s reputation … tell it what it is, a cash grab.


While I disdain this, I hope that all these newbs bleed their wallets dry. Impatience should be very costly. For all I care, CCP should have used Hilmars approach here when CCP introduced micro transactions: Don’t be cowards, grab them by the balls and set high prices.


It has allways been the way that these things can be traded on the ingame market. To lock a tool thats supposedly intended to help new players behind $ payment is a bit scummy to begin with.
With reasonable prices it could be a great tool for alliances to help new players on their way and still fuel PLEX sales.

Daily rewards are randomised, remains to be seen how often they are handed out but it sounds extremely useless as a way to figure out EVEs skill system.

Really sad since skill training is one of the big areas thats especially hard on new players and probably one big reason many new pleyers don’t even stick around long enough to train their fitting skills.
Now we get a half solution that probably won’t do much to actually solve that problem…

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Good catch. I misread this as being NES. Would have been a good PLEX sink.

@CCP_Dopamine players should not have to pay $$$ to experience advanced skill levels that they can already experience for free on Singularity. Using only a select few of my characters, I generate more than 400 injectors every 2 weeks on there and I distribute them like candy to newbros and friends so they can master PVE/PVP/PI/etc ahead of their skill training and try different aspects of the game they currently don’t have the skills for. That way, when they actually have achieve those skill levels on TQ they’ll already know how to make the most of it from the mastery they achieved on Sisi. Pretty much anyone else can do the same to help newbros out. (Don’t you DARE nerf Sisi!!!) I’m not saying the “Expert Systems” idea is redundant or bad (I like the concept), just that it’s pretty low to offer it as $$$ only. Not as low as offering a “Newbie Destroyer Bundle” (which should be discontinued immediately), but still pretty low.

I can’t imagine a $$$-only option would be worth it if it costs more than a stick of bubble gum…


Well, ccp noticed new players leave the game early on. So why not squeeze some $ out of them before they leave?


@CCP_Dopamine what is the difference between this and what i bring as idea 2 months ago ? . Else than you will profit less and spent much more effort to patch this up and make things more complicated? @CCP_Convict has info… just heads up please

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If you were really interested in helping out new players you should be iterating on existing systems instead of tacking on more things you’ll never support again. Factional warfare has been dying for years (yay for citadels removing any incentive to fight over systems) and you haven’t done as much as reference it.


The difference between this and your suggestion is that this makes CCP money, is entirely clear to newbies and doesn’t allow veterans to abuse the system.
Your suggestion makes EVE more complex to newbies, doesn’t make CCP money and is allows veterans to abuse the system by creating spare Alpha alts that can be instantly turned into any 5M SP alt of their choice with very little cost.


i give them one. Less complicated, less man power , more far profitable solution…

“Capsuleers will be able to taste the dream… obtainable only from the EVE Store and others will occasionally be part of daily login rewards.”

  • CCP 2021 :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: :credit_card: :money_with_wings:

This is total ■■■■■■■■. Why in the world would you charge new players to try out stuff?
This should be free at the end of a carer agent path path!!
Or at least every new player should get for each profession a one time free trial before they decide which way to go.
If a real new player starts and sees they need to pay for omega to get access AND for just trying stuff they will be gone.
This is more then ridiculous :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
We need more players this will just scare of every newbro.
Very bad move ccp, very bad