Today's Canary Expert System went in the Trash!

The Union Expert System from the latest login reward gives access to just the very basic birds to fly and really needs access to T2 or even T3 class birds.

It is like caldari are showing you how trashy their offer is by not including some decent bird to undock in.
Cheap rewards such as that expert system really needs to shine before it can fly well in the store we understand, but why doesn’t it give access to better ships so we can decide to actualy train that path.

Sometimes the tree needs to be shaken and Frostpacker picked me.

These poor squids, everyone misrepresents their faction name. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Though they fully deserve it so all good. :smiling_imp:

I thought we were supposed to trash them like the fireworks so I did.
Plus, it’s only temporary ( Indian givers, lol ) so no real need to have it.

All of these login rewards are cheap. Cheap way to make players login and maybe even play. And it is working as this concept is proven by time, human psychology is easy to exploit.

Dear CCP,
please stop handing out free stuff. It’s never enough apparently, and the forums suffer for it.
Thank you.



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Be creative. I instead grabbed it and started to farm burner teams in Garmur. Needs expensive fit but works with provided skills. With said Garmur and cheap, active fit gila I easily beat 100 mil/h blitzing lvl4’s.

But it’s easier to just whine because CCP isn’t handing out effortless isk and free SP…

I heard you can do 200m/h with t1 frigate and week old char…

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Averaging about 7bil per week running L4 missions

what you do with all that money?

I run missions

so you run missions to make a lot money to run more missions ?
i can relate
but i do it with cocaine


You can make tons with almost zero to no skillpoints. The thing is it takes a long time before your knowledge of the game is on a level where you know how to do it.

Maybe he simply haves fun and making isk at same time. It’s so puzzling that forum trolls can’t grasp that some people actually enjoy EVE PvE…

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