So I gave expert systems Mining Barge Operations Expert a try

I had asked around the Imperial Academy chat if anyone had tried used expert systems, and got no answers so I gave it a go myself. It really isn’t explained what all the skills do for you; or what you are getting out of the deal. This is would have been a great time to give a tutorial about mining barges and exhumers instead of just being granted 29 skills of different levels; it wasn’t really obvious at first what it had done and I had to look through mine to find what had changed. It is neat that I could train the rented skills to keep. The only problem is that my skill plan is already 88+ days and It wouldn’t let me add any more skill training; because I would go over the 5 million cap; without buying Omega.

There is no ship provided of course; so you have to buy and fit it yourself. This would have been another really great time to give a fitting guide or fitting preview or some sort of recommended loadout. so after some research I got a tanky Procurer and started mining in an Edencom system. It feels really good; or maybe the Venture is just so bad. Given that I had previously mined in the system and got popped by 3x Rat Punishers that came out of nowhere and killed everyone in the belt. But this time I had 5x drones and a right proper tank. There needs to be a step up between mining frigates and mining barges. Just let alpha use mining drones I to make use of the racial cruisers.

In the end I managed to make 80-ish million mining with it; so it can pay itself off at least. I couldn’t find anywhere when the timer was going to expire either. So I waited till the skill rental ended (22-ish minutes ago as of writing) before posting here.

The cost for the skill rental system wasn’t worth it in the slightest; I should have gotten a fancy coffee and a doughnut instead. I wouldn’t call it a scam but it needs some work so people know what they are getting into. If this is what Omega cost a month I would pay it hands down.

You have a 20 mil sp cap. The 5 mil cap is just for actual training. After that youll wanna use injectors to raise your skills. 10 alpha injectors are 200 mil cheaper than 1 large skill injector plus youll receive 500k sp for 10 alpha injectors compared to 400k for one large injector

The Venture is one of the best ships they’ve ever added. And it’s the ONLY mining bonused ship for Alphas. It wouldn’t matter if they gave Alphas access to mining drones, nothing else that you could fly would out-mine a Venture. As far as the rats that killed you, the Venture uses light scout drones for defense, not guns. It sounds like the rats that killed you and everyone else in the belt are FOB (diamond) rats. Always check for pirate Forward Operating Bases before you start mining.

There is a reason Alphas don’t have access to higher-tier mining ships, or mining drones, or PI, or cloaks…

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15 million gives me a lot of wiggle room to fill out fitting skills and maybe even dip into large guns too. Then I’ll have to start training towards mining barges and exhumers and other omega things post 20 million sp.

FoB’s? I’ll have to look into that as well.

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Calm down miner

Sorry, I realised I was appallingly rude to you, all you were doing was trying to follow the forum ethos of being kind to your fellow forum members and make helpful suggestions… I withdraw my awful and hurtful comment

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