Eventually you will be able to buy an alt with the skills it needs within *minutes*!

And THAT …
… is NOT a bad thing!

We’re heading towards something many people asked for!

How many of you thought that you could use an alt with certain skills right now
… but you don’t have one and Skill Injectors are a hassle buying or not worth it?

Don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.
It does happen!

  • You can’t always have access to Skill Injectors and they will often feel like a waste.
  • Often it’s also just not worth the hassle to inject, then extracting again.
  • If you’re above the threshold you’d have to give up your own SP to sell it again.
  • If you can’t sell it at a profit you’ve then lost both SP and ISK.

Imagine that suddenly your dedicated scout has a stroke disconnects, because “winter” cut his power. Like in Texas, just recently. You and your roaming fleet are sitting there in the deep ass end of nullsec and no one has an alt for interceptors mixed with cloaking skills.

You’ll have one within minutes
… with no hassle, as you can just apply Expert Skills while the alt is moving to your fleet …
… and a playing session for a whole group of people is saved!

Or, suddenly you feel the urge to gather up all your assets. Everyone knows everyone else has tons of assets spread out everywhere. We know, because we ourselves have tons of assets spread out everywhere. It’s just the nature of things.

Courier contracts are too expensive and using even the biggest regular haulers just means you’re having it spread out in fewer spots, at which you still need to use courier contracts because you can’t transport it all to Jita all by yourself.

So you buy an Expert System for flying a freighter …
… you spend the week gathering all up, to ultimately …
die in a ■■■■■■■ fire reach Jita safely and sell it all!

Optimism, my friends! Optimism!

Whenever there’s a restriction you can usually only overcome with buying an Injector or two, this will be the new go-to option. You just apply Expert Skills to the character in question. What makes me believe that CCP will create proper sets? Demand!

This came up on reddit an hour before I’ve started writing this. I’ve started writing my post yesterday and wasn’t aware of this, but it proves my point completely:

They’d be foolish to not implement sets based on demand and it wouldn’t make much sense not to anyway, because the cat’s already out of the bag and thus everything else just becomes a matter of time.

Forget the new players. Forget what CCP tells you about it and look at the bigger picture. People are always too focused on what CCP tells them, instead of what they’re not telling them.

What we get, with this release, is the ability to use an alt for something we only need occasionally, or surprisingly. Instead of shelling out a massive amount of ISK for Skill Injectors likely at a loss, people in need will buy temporary skills and use them on an alt they already have. It is unreasonable to assume that Expert Skill sets will be overly expensive.

… why?

Well, because of price optimization. The smart thing to do is selling at a rebate first, so you can determine “the true price” based on the data gathered through sales. The data will allow you to get closer to the highest price you can get away with. So … if you see that happening, now you now know why it happens.

Anyhow, extrapolating from this, over the course of a year, we will be seeing people asking for the ability to buy characters directly. It just makes sense. Character progression as we knew it is basically dead. Temporary characters with temporary skill sets for occasions. When spontaneously needed. Because … seriously … why not?!

Who didn’t need a hauling char at least once, at some point, but didn’t want to create one specifically?
I sure as ■■■■ did. More often than once. Now I have one and I don’t even use it anymore.

I say that this change marks the beginning of several changes, including the ability to subscribe for less than a month at a time, even if it is “just” via temporary characters.

It’s even reasonable to extend this even further, into a feature many have asked for:

PermaDeath characters.

You buy it, you design it**, you name it, you give it skills. That’s it.

When you die …
… you’re gone.

**(now with the ability to mix races during character design, a feature they’ve called DNA … almost ten years ago, hinted at by the mixed race dating advertisement in stations)

That’s all.
The warden is yelling already.

*runs off*

wen i started playing eve there was not skill injectors
so there was no way to “catch up”
so at a tender character age we learn that we NEVER will have the same number of SP as a veteram
so we looked at the system and “eureka” i cant have 300 milion SP but i can be a specialist
i can explore every bit as well as the oldest char in the game
lets get the skills
it was wonderful
now chaps want to have all
thats not the point of the game
have wat you are going to use

im selling my SP since skill injector was made available , i did most of the content in eve and im happy with 80ish milion
maybe im a simple guy… :thinking:


No, my friend.

You are complex.
They are simple.

That doesn’t change the practicality of Expert Skill sets, though.

You are looking into another man’s bowl, asking yourself …
“Why does he need this?”

Assuming that was your first thought …
… do you have a second, better one?

Maybe we can get “expert ships” too, some day. Pay $XX for a fully-fit interceptor license for 4 days. Isn’t lost upon ship death, and completely independent from your item inventory.


Anyone who doesn’t see that they’re doing this just to increase their PLEX conversion ratio is blind.

A new player buys an “expert system.” What then? They still need the ship and the gear. Well, they’re new, so they won’t be grinding out the money for a HAC anytime soon. So they pick up some PLEX to sell, and buy it that way. PLEX prices start dropping, so more older players start running more Omega accounts.

This entire thing is intended to be a massive driver for increased alt account usage, and not in the way that most people expect it to be. There are good ways and bad ways to monetize a game, and this isn’t one of the former. Injectors (and character trading) are good ways, because they leave player agency and the economy in player hands, and merely tax transactions, like the way a casino takes a house cut. This is a bad way, because it bypasses the economy entirely to make players pay for character progress through cash shop purchases.

If they go through with this, the game actually will be reasonably eligible for the P2W label.


back them the null sec blocks doesn’t accepted any scrubs
they used to scam and rip the poor fella of all his isk and abandon him in a dangerous area
so we don’t had the F1 monkey option to
after a few fails usually came to mind
oh boy … ill have to learn to take care of myself

In your example of the scout disconnecting for whatever reason, the fleet finding an in-game way to deal with a missing scout would be considered as “adaptation.” Being able to on the spot make a transaction in the cash shop and fixing problem by paying twenty bucks to make it go away is the exact antithesis of adaptation. Is your post a troll, or what?

Because this is not a MOBA?


Why the carebear hate? They are the ones keeping this old fossil of a game alive.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


If you can buy an alt with max skills, then you are not a true video gamer and simply want to have powerful characters without working.

Having characters at max skills really sounds an allusion to getting rid of skilling in a game such as Eve Online to be replaced by an Atari B/W Tank game.

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ew, where is this gatekeeping culture coming from? How dare you not be an unemployed college student with hours upon hours to spend playing a video game. /s

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The clone clone cannot be accessed from a station. It can only be accessed on a ship that can fit Clone Bay and has a Cloning Module. The cloning module can be made after Manufacturing Skill level V is reached, from BPO. Copies can be ran after Science V. Resources needed: can be mined from Hedbergite… I’m sure there’s plenty of ways to exploit your idea and maximize content without milking players. It could be added as mission, BPO part of a drop in FW, clone bay could drop from player ship, repaired and reused.

This is as good of an example as any…

Every time you allow the players to buy themselves out of a situation via the cash shop, an epic adventure dies they would have gotten into by trying to improvise.

It’s really sad, but obviously it’s more important to have the perfect space online shop with exactly what the players want for convenience than an actual game with situations they gotten into without asking for them which lead to an experience with actually memorable events.


Except for the character bazaar…

And look where this tired argument has gotten us…

i was not aware of such bazaar at the time

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What like you ganking them, I’m sure people line up just for a bash from the old ding dong chocolate cake.

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Just another entitled thd…

That is the only kind that we are allowed to have.

@Nicolai_Serkanner. Never forget!


Boxing Day?

One day a yr where they could post for 24 hrs? It would have to be a file we could download. I could never read that much in a day…