This game would have been better if you are only allowed one account with no skill injectors

Having everyone being free to own multiple accounts that each are loaded with skill-injected characters has really hurt the health of the game in my opinion. The value of a high-skill character is down, the value of being social is reduced because one can just spin up alts and skill inject them. If CCP ever does release a new server I hope it is one without injectors and where you are only allowed to have one account/character.




I would not be averse to going back to a subscription only with no injectors model. But that would make multiple accts mandatory for most players.

It just takes too long to make multi-talented characters. It can take a year or so to specialize in just one of the hundreds of professions available to try your hand at here in New Eden.


I agree with this, keep everyone responsible for their actions, especially since willy nilly war deccs are being worked on, but there would be some massive overhauls to be done.


I think KM farming has done far worse to this game overall than skill trading or multiple accounts.

That was the main reason for my Low Sec pirate corp to gank miners in Hi Sec.
Most didn’t really care about the griefing aspect tbh.

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That’s what made this game great, you picked a career path and then trained up all the skills associated with that career, thus becoming ‘Specialized’ which in turn gave your character lot’s of business opportunities to make some good ISK.

Also there was a lot more socialization happening between players back then as well. ‘Specialized’ characters would work with other ‘Specialized’ characters providing various services which made the economy flourish.


Everyone is entitled to a bad opinion. Who wants to spend a year doing things you don’t really care about to finally get to do what you want to do? If there weren’t injectors I wouldn’t play this game and there are a whole lot of people that feel the same. You don’t like them? Don’t use them.


Who wants to spend a year doing things you don’t really care about to finally get to do what you want to do? If there weren’t injectors I wouldn’t play this game and there are a whole lot of people that feel the same.

Making ships or certain careers more accessible for lower skilled characters is not dependent on having skill injectors in the game. You could remove skill injectors while still making more areas more quickly accessible. There is value in having player progression that can’t just be purchased.


Heh, you obviously missed the whole point of my reply. Besides that, I didn’t say anything about doing unwanted stuff for a year before doing what you really want.

Due to skill requirements being lowered and easy access to skill injectors, there’s no more ‘Specialized’ business opportunities to provide others with specialized services in the game. Basically all Players have access to the same content. Because of that, nobody can get space rich due to cutting each others throats. That also means there’s no more ‘Go-To’ people for specific services in-game.

Being forced to do it all means it will take much longer to get to where you really want to go.


skill injectors of a place about skill injectors have a place about 80 million skill points after that I think they should be made useless because there are people that come in here and make fresh characters and just buy their way into the game so I see your point to a certain degree but there again this is EVE Online I’ve been saying for a while they need to take Plex out as a way to pay for your account they should make it to where you can buy the isk but not make it pay for your account I think that would solve a lot of the botting problems but that’s my opinion

After 80M SP you only get 150,000 SP from a large (500,000) SP injector.
That’s a big price for less than three days training. I think you could say they were effectively useless at that point.

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Hi, I absolutely agree with you.

Unfortunately I doubt they will change that part of the game because it feeds so heavily into the game’s social sphere.

The entire skill + skill injectors system is a scam anyway.

Hope you realized that. And it’s one that works and makes them rich.


This game would not exist today without multiple accounts.


65% of Eve players have 1 account, another 20% have 2 accounts. More accounts doesn’t make it easier to “win” Eve - it basically turns the game into a full time job - I’ve been there.

All of my Omega characters were created prior to skill injectors and I would be perfectly happy in a game without skill trading. My experience is mostly using extractors to “reprogram” characters, removing unused skills and injecting more useful ones as I’ve changed direction - only to end up retraining the extracted skills the following year!

Personally, I don’t see multiple accounts or skill injectors as “pay to win” for 2 reasons.

First. Eve is a game where player knowledge is more important than character skill and there is no shortcut. You learn by playing the game.

Second. Eve has no defined endgame. You chose your own victory conditions. I set goals for myself each year and judge my success by whether I achieved them.

So. If you’re willing to pay CCP for instant gratification, I approve - part of that cash will be reinvested in the game making it more enjoyable for me!



The original source is data CCP Quant analysed and posted on reddit:

Specific graphs:

CCP Quant then presented it in a couple of other places too, but originally in that post on reddit.


Not sure on source for that but it matches well with the average 1.5ish accounts per player CCP have mentioned themselves in the past a few times. And that has been a fairly consistent number.


i agree 100% with op

its a trend in alot mmos and a good way for devs making money without a sub system! but sadly These kind of systems ruin the gameplay for most of the players!

for me the perfect mmo should only allow one account and one character! not more!!

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