Eventually you will be able to buy an alt with the skills it needs within *minutes*!

A true patriot who was taken away from us by the vile gestapos too soon. :fist:

That’s cute.

Now tell me again why we can’t simply change the name on a character we already have and like?

–Curious Gadget

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It isn’t an argument, but a statement of fact.

It was still there and players often used it to “catch up”.

Expert Ship InstaFit™ Fits available now in the Eve Store !..

"Temporary Fits for your new temporary ship, that work perfectly with your new temporary skills. Guaranteed to work, by our finest designers. Unlock the full potential of your temporary investment and grab one of our InstaFit™ packs. Now at reduced introductory prices. Don’t waste time figuring out fits. Have an InstaFit™" (joyful jingle)


If that is the only thing that came to your mind about this, then you are clearly a miner and yes that is probably the extend of it for you.

No, it was used as an argument to justify skill extractors

And then skill extractors where used to justify selling injectors directly in the cash shop

And then those injectors in the shop where used to justify selling SP directly in the shop

And now they start to rent SP in the shop… I’m sure that is completely fine, as they already sell SP in the shop, so what is the difference, right?


its called character bezaar and its existed since the dawn of time.

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Counterpoint: There would have been no adventure if they couldn’t have come up with a scouting alt spontaneously.

Your example is far too general.
It does not apply to all the specifics, like my own case.

Or, if I could buy a freighter skill set now then I absolutely would,
because it would save me tons of ISK.

And what about temporary skins?! For my temporary ship with temporary expert skills the only one more what I need is temporary skin!

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And a sub-1-month subscription!
I wanted to write “temporary subscription”, but they’re all temporary. -.-

CCP gives those away at login already.

Wonderful idea. No more free temp skins via login ! Monetize that sh*t !

Wait… Temporary Kill Marks for your Temporary Ship !

Make an Impression on your space buddies with one of our Expert iKill™ Kill Mark sets. Available as 3, 5, and 10 kill marks. With these marks on your ship you will no longer fear to undock. THEY will fear YOU. Our specialist storywriters can provide you with accompanying strong stories in the complementary iBoast™ packs. Get your iKill™ packs and iBoast™ stories now”. (merry jingle).


You people are really pissed about this, despite it being mostly beneficial.
It seems completely irrational, at least I haven’t seen any actual rational arguments against it.

/sarcasm off

Ok… I’ll re-state my earlier remark in the official thread about expert packs. Skill points and levels are very likely to frustrate instead of motivate. Reason: not knowing what to do with them. Same for ships, same for roles.

/sarcasm on

Imagine being able to harvest fresh bodies pilots in rookie and carreer systems. Pushing them into temp stealth bombers, bridging them to a secret staging point in null, where carefully placed bookmarks assign the positions for the new fleet formations. Great experience ! Be a part of the War ! Glory to be had ! Destruction on a scale never seen before ! Fame ! No prior experience is needed. Our FC’s will do the work for you, you only need to accept fleet warps !! All that for free, funded by our Coalition !!
If anything, the idea doesn’t go far enough :laughing:

P.S.: the character bazaar, not a solution anymore ?

Projection. As usual with you.

Just because you decide they are pissed doesn’t make them pissed. There’s no evidence of it. They’re just making fun of you.

With good reason.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Well, if you only can see the worst things …
… and convince yourself that they’re significant happenings, instead of outliers …
… then you’re just bitter. :smiley:

Two things:

  1. You and me both know what to do with this.
  2. We don’t know if CCP didn’t just use the new-player-card because they thought it might help selling the feature.

This is EvE. The worst always happens, lol. We make predictions here about new features, how they’re going to be used in practice, and usually we’re spot on.
How close do you want the game to go towards p2w ?

p.s. not bitter at all, highly amused even

“Once a new player can fly battleships and the weapons, he will spend money for PLEX to buy a faction battleship, head to lowsec and explode. Or he’ll just buy the character, buy the battleship and then explode. Obviously he’ll leave the game frustrated and or angry.”

This is an argument as old as PLEX. Did it happen? Sure! Does it matter? No!
Why not? Because these people weren’t meant to play EVE anyway, so “thanks for your money, sucker”.

  1. It’s not a step closer to pay2win.
  2. Selling actual advantages would cause an outrage, unless CCP manages to replace the population with enough of these people that it wouldn’t bother anyone anymore, yet the economy itself wouldn’t support such a population.

For some, EVE has been pay2win since PLEX. Or the bazaar. Both.
Some believe buying SP is pay2win.
Some believe Large Skill Injectors are pay2win, because Money->PLEX->ISK->SP.
Some people believe buying packs with ventures and skills is pay2win.

Most people never consider that the SP CCP is selling might as well be backed by time in form of banned accounts skilling them.

Most people never consider that ships being sold might be balanced by ore/minerals/ships from banned accounts.

The might is important, because it points out that we do not know, but the better guess is assuming that a lot more isk/minerals/SP are leaving the game than are being sold to people.

I mention this, because roughly the same people also believe in the creation of things “out of thin air”, which does not matter as long as more, or an equal amount, of stuff leaves the game. It’s contextual information, I guess.

You shouldn’t ask me how close I want it to pay2win …
… you should ask yourself: When is it actually pay2win?

Can anyone buy an advantage with Expert Skills? Not really!

Is it just one step closer to pay2win? Maybe!

How many steps have we already taken and did complaining about it change anything?

… and …

Did we actually, really, get any closer to pay2win?


Nope, no new ones.
Except maybe … an entire alliance was bought back in 2019, the leadership position. That is the story on the web at least. So there IS real money available to warp the playing field and apparently people are willing to use it, in less obviously devious ways than what was behind the casino war. Even temp packs of skills for specific roles would wreak havoc. I could be wrong, sure.

Regardless of the situation, that’s not pay2win.

Imagine I run a company that creates content in video games for money.
I’d need to hire people to play the respective games in certain ways.

You don’t buy an alliance, you buy the manpower behind it.
The alliance and all the assets are useless without the people using them.

It’s not pay2win, it’s buying manpower.

okaaayyy … and if you buy the right manpower you … win ? oops…