Alpha Plus Program

a minor continuation from the PI skill thread.

Basically if you have an Alpha account but can’t afford the whole omega, perhaps given EVE clearly has been broken down into roles not only by the player base but in terms of the agency, perhaps CCP could allow players to subscribe to an Alpha Plus Program, which would unlock the skills for that relative role. so if you’re an industrialist you gain all the industrial skills.

you’re an explo pilot, gain explo skills and the list goes on.
a “choose your own subscription” style could be interesting where you can take your alt and choose which skills they’ll get within their program.

perhaps this could be done for a soley PVE factor, this way people don’t use this to spam create a million PVP alpha alts.

science, research / invention.

perhaps the pricing could be the old omega price +10%-25% so if you have the one alpha clone its all fun to get a bit more without paying full price, if you have alts, it would allow you to bring some back without breaking the bank, but perhaps not all of them.

i think there could be something to that, might be a ponder for those more in the know than myself, might help alleviate some tensions within the player base / give people more of a taste before diving in with both feet

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