Changes to Alpha clones

I like the new changes to Alpha clones but a couple of the things I liked about eve was planetary interaction and mining. Are they adding barges and PI to alpha or are those two still paid only things? I already learned how to fly tier 2 barges but I think it would be fine to fly tier 1 since mining on the frigate just doesn’t seem very fun.

The ‘fun’ mining will likely always be mining gas in WH space, which I believe is accessible to alphas. Other mining is essentially a passive/afk activity that players can earn isk at with very little input.

I believe the goal of expanding alphas is to give these players a good range of active activities and capabilities without having access to much in the way of passive income. This means limited mining, trading, industry and planetary interaction.

No barges and no PI. The expanded skills are more for returning players to keep the older players in the game.

They added the option to use skills injections as cash cow.

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The “vision” behind Alpha character has always been to enable the “fun” parts of the game for them (in CCP’s view “fun” = PVP, maybe PVE combat), but not let them get access to the big money-makers (manufacturing, large-scale trading), or the passive money-makers (PI, skill farming, afk-mining via barge). This is because alpha accounts are free, and us veterans would make hundreds of accounts if we could make passive income from them.

Otherwise, the Alpha program is, in part, designed to get you to pay the Omega fees. Usually the “things I really like” are Omega.


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