What do you think would bring eve into a new golden age

maybe jove factions take over the null blocks and make them high sec and low sec?

It should be harder for null blocks to maintain regions. I thought Fozzie Sov was supposed to fix all of that. Most of the stagnation in this game comes from big empires that don’t actually want to fight.


maybe npc and players could just take it over when not even in war

Less whining about everything…


I mean i have a remberst I could call but Am choosing not to
Hurricane | Mindahouf Davaham | Killmail | zKillboard
as we can see I just lost a 3 fully resched bpos and a batle curiers

The topic is a bit too broad for the simple, one-shot answers that forumites tend to prefer.

A new golden age in EVE would basically require new reasons to play and engage in activity, and interesting types of activity, across the spectrum of Hi/Low/FW/Null/WH space. Although it would likely be sufficient to concentrate on High and Null space first since that would affect most of the player base.

Since CCP isn’t really capable of quality game design at this point, the only way it could happen would be to tweak up some existing game mechanics into a form that made it more interesting for many players to participate.

Possible areas to approach:

  • Player content creation similar to what’s been done by EVE Pandora
  • Expanding the contract system to various types of mercenary, defense, hunt/kill, provide resources contracts
  • Create in-game leaderboards per region for various types of activity and link some rewards/recognition to performance
  • Give PvP a scoring system with unlocks for various ranking so there’s more reason to participate in hunting various targets/ship types
  • Make “participation in the growth of your racial empire” more meaningful than a character background choice you click once during creation and ignored thereafter.

Most of these options could/should be tied back into a “player content creation” system that allows players, corps, alliances to set up various contracts, missions, or goal-targets with set rewards for completing/participating.

The most glaring lack in EVE in the past decade, IMO, is that CCP has failed to create strong gameplay mechanics supporting more PvP and conflict in the game. Instead they’ve simply nerfed most of the interesting or rewarding content, apparently based on the foolish notion that players will simply play longer if rewards are harder to earn.




A once-a-month free-for-all Friday, where Concord takes the day off


Excellent idea, though every miner, mission runner, and industrialist simply wouldn’t log in on Fridays. Make it random and unannounced. You’re in the middle of a gaming session one day and at some point every system in the game becomes nullsec…


Leaderboards in any game are pure stage 4 cancer and usually only lead to camping, botting, and exploiting to remain at the top…


More yarr, less aww.


More Pew Pew, less QQ…



But this just doesn’t make any sense. As we all know, null-sec is where all of the REAL PvPers live, and they are elite players with elite skills who love to battle other players like themselves, so I’m convinced that null-sec being “stagnant” is just a fake news narrative pushed by gwankbears in order to make themselves seem less like the blubbery griefbabies than they are. Sorry, not falling for it, but nice try though, griefer.


This is one of the absolute worst ideas for EVE Online I’ve ever heard right after creating a separate PvE server and banning ganking. We don’t need more arcadey theme park features, if you want rankings and dick measuring, that’s what zKillboard is for.


No worries - what most players know about game design, player motivation and gaming ecosystems would fit in a thimble… with room left over for your finger.

Players engage in games for a sense of accomplishment, for a sense of increasing their value or worth, for recognition of their accomplishments, to gain a sense of agency and power, and of course for sheer entertainment value - among other things. These are generally positive drivers that lead to more satisfaction and gameplay.

Some “other things” are schadenfreude (enjoying someone else’s loss), or the players who need to ruin someone else’s day or upset someone to feel validated, the people who need to punch down in order to feel a sense of victory, etc. These tend to be “negative” drivers where one players’ satisfaction hinges upon the dissatisfaction of one or more other players.

Achievable, visible goals; visible recognition for achievements; having a sense of competition with others even if it’s only in the “who mined the most? Who traded the most?” sense - these are all simple ways to achieve positive goals. Many numbers-oriented people like stats to juggle, and EVE has more than a regular share of those.

At any rate, many of the players who are positive-action-oriented abandoned EVE long ago. I won’t be surprised if a significant portion of the ones who’re left dislike those ideas. Survivor bias and all that.

The thing is, “a new golden age” won’t be brought about by the mainstream attitudes of those currently directing development of the game, or the players who favor the status quo.

If the current crowd was capable of triggering a golden age, we’d already be in it.


now this post has more views then acctive players in star scape :frowning:

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But your ideas are worse than those of these people who “don’t know anything about game design”. Seriously, pirate hats would work better than your leader board idea. Do you even play Eve?


Feel free to suggest any “new age” ideas you’ve got, that are within the limited capability of the EVE dev team.

Or, feel free to expand upon how having a visible top-15 ranking, by region, for kills, mining, trade, missions or hacks, would lead to the downfall of the game.

Or, you know, limit your replies to “gosh that idea is terrible” without having anything useful to contribute - like every other forum numbnut out there.

Also, forgive me for laughing, but “Do you even EVE?” is pretty hilarious coming from the guy less than 6 months old with “Literally everyone wants WiS” as his top forum reply.

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Ok, you gotta remember that you’re trying to talk to a person who at one point was bragging about “beating all of the loudmouth PvPers” by posting on an alt that they’d never be able to get, and was talking crap to PvP advocates on the forums by telling them that they were “too afraid” to go and play a REAL PvP game like Counter-Strike. Once you internalize these concepts, the context for the arguments makes much more sense.