Starting a Industry wing in corp

Hello I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas, so recently we started and industrial wing which originally was just supposed to be to build Corp for ship but wanted to expand from just that to actually make a profit, I wanted to help some of the members that mine by doing an ore buy back programs and also give discount ships to Corp mates but want the Corp to make some profit and not lost. Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas of what would help or be better any help is much appreciated. Thank you

I remember this thread having bounced around ideas on a similar topic. It may or may not be of use to you, but I figure it can’t hurt to give you a reference.

Setting up a buyback program for ore, ice, PI and mission loot isn’t difficult. Have your members create a contract to corp at Jita buy order pricing less 10%. Use to value the contract and include the evepraisal link in the contract description. Periodically take a freighter load of the stuff you don’t use internally to Jita and dump to buy orders. You won’t get rich doing this but you should make a small profit.

Setting up a real industry wing is challenging - it involves trust. People will need shared access to hangers with blueprints, materials and finished goods. The game does not provide good tools to manage this. Industry does scale well across multiple characters so many (perhaps most) of us create ALT corps for this. It’s easy to rent offices in an engineering complex and trust is not an issue.

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