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I’m currently looking to expand a working spreadsheet for my corp to include the new moon ores like:
And all that good stuff…

The trouble is that the list of Type_ID’s the spreadsheet pulls the data from doesn’t contain any type_ID’s or list the moon ores at all, so i’m not able to get the spreadsheet to pull data from marketeer like it does successfully with other items.

My question is, does anyone know where I can find a list of the Type ID’s for moon ores? I’ve had no luck and find it weird that they aren’t in the Type ID list I already use like everything else, maybe i’m missing something.

Help is appreciated ^^


to clarify a little more: you want invTypes from the latest directory there :smiley:

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Thanks for your help guys!

Let’s just say, hypothetically, i’m not very good at this stuff at all… Ok it’s a fact.

I downloaded invTypes and opened it in a readme file and searched for the moon ores I wanted, some have the Type_ID’s listed next to them but Colbaltite for example doesn’t.

Am I doing a dumb?

So, you get

You unzip it with something like 7zip

You open it up in something which can handle it. Excel, google sheets, notepad, or something like that.

you search for cobaltite, and find it on line 29440 (in a plain text editor, it’ll probably be a little lower, due to multi line descriptions. Type id 45494

Ah that makes alot more sense!

Thanks alot! It’s gonna take abit of work but atleast now I know what i need to do! :slight_smile:

You might want to look into using mineral values in a table to calculate ore. Market ore prices are very wacky and subject to manipulation, not to mention there are more ores than minerals.

And to find IDs, i usually just use

This one will also get you the list of TypeIDs, just use Data Import, find the file on you harddrive and click import :wink:

Wow awesome, tons of useful information!

Thanks everyone, truly!

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