Pricing data

I have a spreadsheet that i use to compare buy and sell prices at a given station, but the results are coming back incorrect.

ive looked at Fuzzworks data and the typeID 28416 seems do be correct for Compressed Omber, but the price is way too high.

if i go to this site, it indicates the typeID is 62532

Would the type ID have changed? if so where can i get an up to date list…

I may have found a reason, there seems to be compressed omber and batch compressed omber (as well that the same thign for other ores). what is the difference between the two and i guess that still make the type ID wrong

Maybe you should expand on that a bit, since it look like it’s not a typeID problem:

There are limitations to the API, though:

station (Including player owned structures. Assuming I have data for them. I don’t for private.).

Hi @Golden_Gnu

It looks like the following is happening. When I paste (in this example) Compressed Omber into my spreadsheet, the results it gives is for type ID 28416 which is “Batch Compressed Omber” (whatever that is) the type ID for just compressed Omber is TypeID 62532, therefore my type ID list is incorrect (at least as far as the name goes)

Ive looked for type ID 62532 in my spreadsheet and it isnt there so I assume that at some point there has been an updated list of typeIDs which has effected the results of my spreadsheet

I think i need to find an updated typeID list and then somehow incorporate that into my spreadsheet

looking at the description of the batch version it says " This material was compressed using an older process that compressed batches of raw materials into units using a set input quantity. Newer compression technology uses a more flexible one-to-one unit compression system." so i guess this was before they made changes to compression, which is fine, but it still makes my typesIDs obsolete

Yes, the changes to compression over a year ago introduced a new compressed item for each ore and these have different type IDs. If you did not ever update your spreadsheets’ type IDs then you’ve never swapped to using the new compressed ores.

I never really dealt with any ores before. However where can I get an up to date list of typeIDs so i can update mine?

Probably the SDE or if only market type ids are necessary then the relevant ESI endpoints.

the spreadsheets were created for me, ive no idea how to do endpoints, what is SDE and where can I get it? and can i just copy/paste into a spreadsheet

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