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I have a spreadsheet that someone created for me. The spreadsheet pulls prices from eve.

Since the spreadsheet was created new items have been added to eve and so these new items do not appear as (im guessing) the typeID doesnt exist in the spreadsheet.

Ive found a list of current type IDs and ive found the type ID tab on the spreadsheet, however if i copy/paste those over the old ones, then the spreadhsheet breaks and I get no types IDs listed

If i look at the excel address field that cell contains the following information which may as well be writen in a foreign language to me


Ive assumed that the bits that say A$1:$B$41703 and $B$1:$B$41703 related to the cell numbers on the type ID tab


However when i paste the new type IDs over that i bet nothing showing on the main sheet that displays the prices


Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong please

The formulas you have posted are not enough to debug this.
I feel like you would be better off asking this in an excel forum or maybe the person who made this for you? If you want help here, your best option is probably to share the entire sheet.

Anyway, good luck! Maybe someone will be able to help and I’m just being pessimistic…

It might help if you knew the error you got, but the cell formula prevents this from displaying. IfError() takes two arguments, by the look of it. The first being the cell result if there is no error, and the second being the result if there is an error in the first part. The IfError statement here sets the cell value to a null string if the formula contains an error.

You can try stripping the IfError() function off the formula and see what you get from that.


The Index function returns a row, column, or cell’s value depending on the indexes you pass to it. Like ‘return whatever is in row 8 column 5’, for example. The first argument, TypeIDs!$A$1:$B$41703 defines the block being searched. MATCH($C28,TypeIDs!$B$1:$B$41703,0) defines which row, and the argument 1 defines which column. I don’t know if Excel calls the first row and column 0 or 1 so you’d have to figure that out.

The Match() function searches for a specified value in a range of cells and returns its offset. $C28 contains what you’re looking for, TypeIDs!$B$1:$B$41703 is the range of cells you’re going to look through for that value, and the last 0 tells the function to match the exact search term (except for letter case, A = a, B = b, and so on)

Maybe this will help you troubleshoot. I am in haste since it is past my bedtime, so I may have made some errors. Don’t take this as gospel, but instead as hints that might lead you to an answer if you’re still looking for it.

Thanks for the advice everyone, ill take a look when i get time and report back

You really should consider using cell labels (named cells/ranges) as references rather than cell coordinates.

Also, LibreOffice for freedom.

It wasnt me that created these, i have no clue what to do, ive looked into it and its too complicated fo rme

on another note, the spreadsheets i have seem to use eve marketeer for data and that site is down, is there anyone here that could update these spreadsheets to use another source? Happy to pay in ISK in game (depending on how much of course)

I know at Eveworks we have a few spreadsheeting nerds, might be worth your while to pop by see what we can do to resolve your issue. Contact us in Our Discord

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fuzzwork has the server itemid dumps. if that is any use to you.

Yeah i took that info and copy pasted it into my sheet but the prices would no longer work so unsure what broke it

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