Eve Tycoon API

I have some spreadsheets but they use the evemarketer API which is consistently not working well these days. I want to change the details to use the eve tycoon API, I’ve no idea in doing in this sort of thing. However I’ve find the following info on my spreadsheet


And from the evetycoon website I’ve found this


However if I replace the 1str with the 2nd i still get no prices so I assume I need to alter the 2nd entry a little.(maybe with the http and the beginning and/or typeid= at the end) Can anyone advise on this please? This is the actual page i am looking at EVE Tycoon

Also I’ve noticed that the code on the cells that gives prices say things like this =IF(ISBLANK($C102),“”,FILTERXML(WEBSERVICE(CONCATENATE(MarketDataAPI!$B$3,$D102,MarketDataAPI!$C$3)),IF($G$2=“via Buy Orders”,“//buy/max”,“//sell/min”))) so unsure if i need to alter anything there too

Your spreadsheet seems to simply append the typeId to the URL. I think it should work if you replace that bit with the following:


The 10000002 bit refers to the “The Forge” region.
You can find the IDs for other regions in https://www.adam4eve.eu/info_locations.php

Doesn’t work for me (trying Google Sheets). The old evemarketer links worked, but I don’t get how to specify item, system, orders in just one link. I managed to get it done for evemarketer years ago, but I am totally lost when it comes to any kind of database queries…

The old evemarketer string looked like this:

The new one I am trying is this:

Google Sheets tries to load something, then the message “no data found” appears.

also doesn’t work…

Thanks for the replies so far,

The Eve Tycoon API data is in JSON format, not XML. You can try using importjson and see if it works, but the second argument is likely different.

Google Sheets does not have a function “importjson”.

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