My Year in New Eden Y124

Greetings fellow Miners

This year had been a rather difficult one for Frostpacker with paying out a few fines for various activities conducted throughout Eve Online which placed a deficit of some 5.9B Iskies for Y124

My EveOnline is not all about profit and more about enjoying my time mining and interacting with other Capsuleers which is the reason for wishing to post this years stats so you might compare how your year was compared to mine as a HS Miner of some Skillpoints and Materials.

/Next year Y125 New Goals are being set and plan to enjoy Eve Online even more, so I hope you too can one day interact with me.



Maybe you can teach me how to mine properly one day because my mining turrets only give me 60m3 per cycle and I’m sure more can be done.

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Very nice, definitely impressive stats…

Mine, not so much…


If you wish send me an ingame evemail and I shall make your Y124 Isk positive as I understand the value of quality and it is quality that you Sir deliver to the good Citizens of New Eden.

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I think you’re reading my ISK stat wrong, it shows I made more ISK than I spent resulting in a positive net balance.

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Well if you were to send me an evemail Sir I can add you to my christmas list as Princess Aiko is not receiving her 1Billion isk this year @Aiko_Danuja as she had failed me on her test,


Ahh, ok…

I’ll send you an Eve mail on ‘The Night Before Christmas’… :wink:

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No Need I was already logged in and am sure that I had found the right pilot name. 07

/pls dont be concerned over the amount of isk I just sent as I could just log in a few alt Frostpacker accounts to send that back to me, =)

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Thank you very much…

May you have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

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This info is way off.

I didn’t jump 39 times in only 4 systems.
Just to go from Arant to Luminaire is 6 jumps and my new home is Luminaire - I changed this week to an undisclosed location - and I had to move stuff from Arant to Luminaire, from Dodixie to Luminair, from Couster to Luminaire, from Algolile to Arant, from Dodixie to Arant… and all several times because I’m using a Nerus.

And how did I visit only 4 systems when I visited “…a Hisec system in 5 different regions” ?

Maybe next year the data will be more reliable.

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I would like to guess that the stats have some level of accurety and it would show in your chat logs on the systems visited.

I would like to guess that the stats were gathered earlier this month, when my character was younger than 30 days.

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Didn’t know where else to put this information though it is My Eve

Carry on :persevere: