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The other night as I sat in our Fortizar in a C4 Wormhole with little to do (all exits were crit) I thought back over my time in eve and all the things that I had done to get to this point in time. It’s not a particularly extraordinary story, I imagine it is pretty similar to many other that have come across the game, but it is my story and for no other reason than it is a slow day at work today I thought I would tell it. Well to the best of my ability as my memory isn’t the greatest.

My main characters birthdate is 26th December 2010. I do have older characters but I think they were from an abandoned trial about 6 months to a year earlier and I don’t really count those so I always say I’ve been in game since 2010 if asked; I’ve not really had a break of any note since then.

I wandered around for a bit solo, throwing skills into training without any real idea or knowledge of what I was doing, I started mining and doing level 1 missions before advertising to join a corp and a guy contacted me about his small corp and I joined, I remember he was surprised I joined because there was literally him and his alts and me. I was there literally two month before we were wardecced and he closed the corp and joined another high sec group, I joined with him, he left after a few weeks and I stayed.

I was with that corp just under a year before I left to the corp that I was to spend a good number of years with, I joined in feb 2012 and eventually left completely (I had left a re-joined a few times over the years) in January 2016. I left the original corp because thaey had moved to null sec and I didn’t want to, I wanted to stay in high sec, this holds some irony now as I find null sec boring and dull now (even WH space isn’t that great) Sadly I still hadn’t learnt the art of focused training until about 2014/5 and carried on stumbling through that, training skills haphazardly left, right and centre. The new corp was great, a nice bunch of people. We did mass mining ops together; PVP roams into Providence and other such activities as a group.

We were in an alliance, 3 corps, 1 of them EU and 2 of them US.

Eventually through our contacts we secured a couple of systems in Providence and moved to null sec, this is where things got interesting. Most of my time in eve was spend in standing fleet in 9-fob fighting with the newly formed Brave Fleet coming through G-5 into Providence. These were mostly FC’d by our CEO at the time whom, despite his sometimes abrasive nature, I thought was excellent in game. It was great fun.

At some point during our tenure in Providence we even managed to anchor a station (the first and only time I have seen a station egg) and so if you ever dock in the station in 4B-NQN it was one that our corp dropped. However relations amongst leadership and CVA were not good and this culminated in a blue on blue action.

Basically we had a neut (ie not on Provi KOS list) in our fleet when we were fighting another enitity (cannot recall who), a guy in a Yulai fleet started to shoot the neut (remember provi is supposed to be NRDS), we were all shouting in local for him to cease firing, he didn’t, so our CEO and FC told us to target the blue, we did. Again he was asked to stop, he didn’t, so we killed him.

This resulted in massive diplomatic fallout between us and CVA, they told us to reimburse the ship (A Navy Omen), we refused and it basically led to CVA trying to evict us. Our leadership batphoned a few people and essentially a 9 day battle ensued before eventually we left on our terms evacing through G5 into low sec. I felt that we were the centre of the universe during this time, I loved it, it felt that I was doing something worthwhile in a group worth doing things with.

Ill briefly recap the next year. This group moved to Syndicate, then Curse, I hated it and left nd joined a few other groups. Eventually I rejoined and we as a group joined hero coalition, it was love hate and we ended up in Fountain where Black Legion came to harass us, the group left and went to a wormhole.

I stayed with them a while but a lot of the main group of people had left by this point and it was mainly a USTZ group with a poor EU showing, so I eventually left and have found my way around various null and WH groups since then. I have not found a place to settle since leaving really, a few months here, a week or so there and ive always moved, I hate my employment history with all these moves but I have found that no one really has gelled as a group like I did down in provi with my corp.

Now I am a bit more focused on my training at least, my main is about 129m SP and I am in a WH again, but again it is mostly US (although we have just joined an alliance with more EU people) and because it is a C4 I cannot do anything solo, so all I am doing is trying to make isk.

I need to make some decisions but am reluctant to just up and leave again and will hang around to see what happens, but after all these years I realised that I am not that great at anything in particular in game which is a pretty sad moniker for someone who is nearly up to their 7th straight year.

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