My Time Here


I sit in the small but surprisingly comfortable cockpit of my Rifter frigate, boots up on the metal facia surrounding the controls. I am in a High Sec station, as safe as I could be looking through the paperwork of my time here in New Eden. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster I have to say taking me from busling spaceways of Lonetrek high sec as amember of the Science and Trade Institute, through to various null sec regions and then wormholes, with a short stint in low sec before finally navigating out of all that quagmire into the station i find myself in now, having passed through the rostas of many corps, trying to find my place, my home. Disillusioned.

They say that us capsuleers crave others of our ilk to team up with and have purpose, to achieve a task be it small or large. I’ll admit that I have found that difficult, that for most of the time I prefer to turn off the coms units in my ship and instead listed to music as I speed my way through the heavens.

But that comes at it’s own price, boredem. I threw myself and my alt cousins into industry in order to funds our activities but found that a complicated chore that I couldnt fully get my head around, I delved into battle against others but most others do not enjoy the honour of one versus one, they prefer to fleet up and hunt me down. Of course I should fleet up too with my fellow capsuleers and hunt them without mercy, but that communication I struggle with, a loner in a world of non loners.

I flick through the pages of my dossier knowing that this point in time has come because of me, not because of anyone else, and yet i still search for that something, but unless my programming changes i do not think that something will be forthcoming. I sigh and put the dossier away, fireup the engines and turn on the classic music as I accelerate out of the airlock into the dark void of Minmatar space.


You’re not alone as a loner, there are lots of us.

We should get togeth… oh, wait.

Never mind.

Enjoyed the read.

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