A new life

After reading these forums for some time , I’ve decided to test this sand box , not having that much time i was thinking of trying out ganker or anti-ganker as a way of eve life . Knowing i will never have time to be a space emperor or lead great fleets or hunt the yellow King. I thought id see if you can play and enjoy eve at low level

With no outside help only the new AIR training program I’m first going to try antiganking and see if i can survive, support myself in isk, ships and skills. I may do some combat sites too.

The plan will be to shoot gankers , loot and salvage there wrecks and sell of their corpses and take any other business opportunity that presents itself why doing these activities.

I will then make a new alt and do the same but as a ganker.

Please comment and give me a wave in space, i am sure i will meet plenty of you by the way you talk.


Welcome to Eve! Good luck out there. Stay vigilant, don’t get discouraged.


I also would enjoy to welcome you [Pin Aulmais] into your sci -fi adventure in becoming the Blue Queen of New Eden, since Frostpacker is without a Queen to support in New Eden I am willing to help you search for that Yellow King you speak.

The AIR Training program is perfect to guide you through the basics of combat though where I thought my Corp Frostpacker wish to support your Anti-ganker needs is by sending you via contract a small AG-Package that will boost your New Eden assets to assist you alone in tracking down any protentual Yellow King of New Eden.

The condition only asked of you here today by Frostpacker is to never reveal the contents of said package that is about to be sent to you in Nw Eden as soon as my pilot awakens from deep space hibernation sickness!

Fly safe in knowing that one day you might actually enjoy anti-ganiking.


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Start with loot scooping before the gankers can nab it, that tends to be the most effective way to make ISK and get in their way. Another possibility is to do a Thotaman. Berth Ljunggren - YouTube

Have fun…


You don’t have to shoot them to loot them as their wrecks are blue due to their criminal flag but of course it can still be fun to shoot them for the sake of it and maybe to try prevent them to succeed.

You can also grab the loot of the victim if you so desire. You can justify it by roleplaying that you do this to prevent the gankers from scooping the loot. :wink:

Speaking of which you might also kill off the loot scooper ganker alts if their ship is something you can succeed in killing, which is also some potential pew pew opportunity.

Some related links…

Stealing from gankers (both the loot from their victims and their own) plus some pew pew and other fun stuff.

As you mentioned selling corpses.

Some ganker scouts and loot scoopers can be juicy if they ganked a juicy target beforehand.


Some basic useful (official) info, though best to learn these in-depth by reading further other sources and observing and practicing their use in-game (a good place is around Jita 4-4).

Good luck and have fun! o/


Biggest lesson I can give is:

Dont let anyone tell you what you want is impossible

If you can dream it, be it

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Unfortunately, I’m here to tell you this is impossible, tautologically speaking.

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If I didnt do that sort of thing myself, I d be annoyed lol

Next lesson: Dont get annoyed by smarty bootses

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Thank you good sir

Your welcome =)

I think it is about that time to throw a spanner into the warp drives of those gankers/miner haters.

Sound good, welcome to eve :slight_smile:
Once you give the gankers a try, just try to gank some ventures first, if you can. And join our channel Why was I ganked?, and ask if there is anybody you can gank with. We generally apprechiate people helping us, and hand out free ships as well.
Looking forward to it o7

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Calm down miner.

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Okay first hour not that good , in uedama i salvages 3 bits of metal and seem to upset a group of gankers .

There scout seemed to take offence to the presents of my tractor unit then i seemed to be secondary target for a one ship gank, only lost shields and a Kill right that appears to be useless , need to find bigger ganker fleets.

I did kill a pod.


They can shoot your MTU but only go suspect, though it can cause some fun and games.

If it is a kill right for someone who is not -5 or -10 they will likely run around in destroyers only and it is fairly worthless. But if it is someone who uses tags to be able to loiter then they can be used to great effect, but what you should do is speak to someone else to setup for it, like Githany Red for example. Many gankers sit on the gate so they jump when the KR is applied so you have to have tackle on the other side. Have fun.

Not much activity showing on zkillboard either way, do you need help with your plans?

It is scary at first doing what you set out to do, but take a deep breath and you will be fine which ever side you pick.

Yes, do it!

Do antiganking to learn about mechanics, but the antigankers aren’t serious about this playstyle, in general they just want to annoy the gankers and the antigankers are extremely casual.

The gankers in the other hand are organized and commited, if you do it correctly you can make ISK

Loot thieves in general will only profit, they will steal from gankers and from antigankers and their investment is small.

EVE is a dying game, just enjoy anything you can!
The other people are farming, getting rich and powerful for 10-15 years… you don’t have that time!!!

You have to do everything you can to destroy them, stealing and ganking are the most realistic options.

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