10M sp Capsuleer looking for AntiGa(nker) Corp

Read the kill report, I’ve been ganked so many times. My frozen remains, in her tattered underwear, have been littered all over New Eden. Each time has served a purpose and I’ve learned some new skills, better fittings, < 2 align time importance, etc. I actually thanked one of the gankers who popped me in 0.5 space for making the game less boring.

From my observations of gate campers, it seems like it should be possible to gank the gankers and get not only their loot but also the loot of their prey which they were distracted killing. Any corp doing this? Also down for contract security jobs running cover for transport, etc. Will do voice, discord, whatever.

A little bit about me… Right now, I’ve mostly been doing trade and exploration, but I really want that sweet revenge. I’m not interested in mining and have no desire to ever use the Mack I own that I’m not even trained to use yet. I have a corp, Me Myself and I, LLC, that is just me and my alt spouse. Amelia and I are going to have the most beautiful blond hair, blue-eyed, gene-spliced babies as soon as that’s a thing in Eve. She handles all of the trade and I do the butch stuff.

There is not much benefit in fighting gankers, except when stealing their loot. To actually prevent a well prepared gank the effort is comparable with the gank itself, but without the pay. Nobody will pay for protection or help.

Try stealing the loot and fitting for not getting ganked at all IMO are the most effective ways to “fight” gankers.

Just come join us in 0.0, no loot gankers there. And besides that alot more isk in exploration here then in high/low.

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