Looking for renter corp or NPC null sec

The joys of nonconsensual PVP were visited upon the wretched masses of High Sec… Nearly every ship I ever undocked was Concorded pod hunting and corpse collecting, but now is the time to try something new.

I sent a very nice letter to one of the mining corporations in the Brothers of Tangra. As a play style I suggested that I could rat in their systems until my -10 security status was fixed, then go into High Sec and terrorize any innocent I found. Strangely there has been no reply to this very kind letter. It’s very disappointing. If things don’t work out with this corporation, maybe another one of the Brothers of Tangra will take me in.

As a last resport, I am offering my services here to see if anything looks like it might be a good fit. The main alternate possibility is NPC null sec where I can do missions for pirate groups and make some money through planetary interaction. Once my security status was fixed, I can jump back into High Sec and spread joy. If it’s a good spot for gate camping, that would be ideal as well.

A little about me:
73 million skill points, mostly in small pvp ships
US time zone
I have support from an industrial toon

Surely somebody is interested. Bump.

Nobody loves. Because if somebody did, I would get a reply to this.

I’m sure lots of people love you, they just don’t trust you.

No. If they loved me, they would respond to my thread. I will give this one more try before I let it die.

just buy the tags and/or rat in lowsec

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