The biggest trade channel in the Chinese community (in Chinese) has a problem

Dear EVE Online Team,

I am a long-time EVE Online player, and I would like to report serious issues within the largest Chinese channel—the Chinese language channel:

Verbal Abuse and Discrimination: Players in the channel engage in mutual verbal abuse, including discriminatory language. This severely impacts the game environment.

Political and Religious Discussions: Inappropriate discussions related to politics and religion occur in the channel, creating a toxic atmosphere that is unsuitable for the game community.

Indoctrination Behavior: There are instances of indoctrination behavior in the channel, which may negatively influence other players.

Given that the Chinese channel has a large player base and serves as a hub for many in-game transactions, the lack of proper moderation exacerbates these issues. Chinese-speaking players are unable to leave this channel due to trading needs, which leads to significant discomfort.

I kindly request that you consider the following solutions:

Appoint Channel Moderators: Establish dedicated channel moderators for the Chinese channel to maintain order and address inappropriate behavior.

Alternative Channels: If effective moderation cannot be implemented in the Chinese channel, could you consider replacing it with another well-moderated channel to maintain a harmonious game community?

Thank you for your time and patience.



Just create your own channel. You do not need CCP to do that for you. You can do it yourself and appoint moderators and owners yourself, and you just make everyone migrate to the new channel.

Which channel are you even talking about? There are no language channels anymore. The only Chinese chats that exist have 38 and 5 chars online at the moment (obviously out of CNTZ, but if it’s such a big channel there should be more chars online around the clock). Sounds like you are already in a player created channel and need to sort moderation yourself.

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